Miller backs out of debate

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Citizens for Fair and Clean Government is holding a candidate forum this Saturday night from 5 to 9 at Rudisill Regional Library, 1520 N. Hartford. This morning there was this report on their blog:

Joshua [Kennedy, Executive Administrator] over at Randi Millerís headquarters initially accepted our invite to the Saturday night Debate/ Town Hall meeting. They asked for a list of questions that were to be asked, we told them it would be moderated questions from the audience. They immediately stated they were sorry but Randi had a previous appointment for that time slot. Question? Did Randi get cold feet at the prospect of having to answer some tough questions or did she really have a prior appointment? You decide.

Maybe she's going to be washing her hair that night.

UPDATED at the request of Joshua Kennedy, Executive Administrator (see comments).


susan said:

That shows Randi MUST NEED A LOT OF HELP FROM OTHERS PREPARING HER ANSWERS and have the questions in advance to prepare her answer. You don't want a Mayor that has to stop a press conference and ask someone else for the answers!

Wow, my daughter won a very prestigious national award and a very popular radio station asked her to be on their morning show. A producer called me and made sure we knew the time to come to be on the morning show because it would be broadcast "LIVE" and we needed to be there a little early since it was 'LIVE'. At that time, Jessica Simpson and another very popular singer had just called in "live" to promote their new CD. It was a very exciting experience... but even the radio station would not release the questions in advance... because they wanted to have it come straight from her thoughts on the spur of the moment. It was a terrific morning show, and we had different classes in the different schools turn on their radio and listen since it was live and since she was the youngest to ever win this national honor so it was especially wonderful! My daughter even had to correct one of the D.J.'s since he did not know the answer to a question about the presidents. It is a lot of pressure to have someone be in front of many people. Randi was only going to be in front of a few people. My daughter was broadcast live reaching thousands of people. The radio station morning show it was aired on has a very large listening audience.

Tulsa needs live debates(WITHOUT THE QUESTIONS GIVEN IN ADVANCE). The democrat running for our next Mayor of Tulsa has already been in T.W. news headlines and he has a lot of explaining to do before any Tulsa citizen should consider him being our next Mayor. The Great Plains Airlines MESS is going to be costing the Tulsa
taxpayers for a bad loan deal with BOK that went sour.

I would also like someone to ask Dan Keating who announced he is running for state treasurer if he had any kind of influence or involvement in the Great Plains Airlines financial arrangements going way back to 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, etc. There were two insurance companies that were involved and Dan just happens to be the president of a brokerage and insurance agency. His brother, Frank, after the Great Plains Airlines loan BOK deal was arranged back when he was governor of Oklahoma just happened to get a huge pay raise from what he made as Governor of Oklahoma to a lucrative well paid job he now holds in Washington, DC.

Mr. Bates, I am sending you this comment in reference to the paragraph you have placed on your site. I would like to ask that next time you place my name on your website, you place my full name, Joshua Kennedy, and my position on the Randi Miller for Mayor Campaign, Executive Administrator. Thank you very much for your time, and I would appreciate you considering this for next time.

Thanks for stopping by and for the information, Joshua Kennedy, Executive Administrator, but the paragraph that mentioned you wasn't written by me. I was quoting the blog on the website of Citizens for Fair and Clean Government, which was reporting the contents of a phone call with you. I imagine if you had identified yourself that completely over the phone with the CFCG representative, your name and title would have been fully reported there. Then again, you may have given your full name and title, and he just didn't catch it. That sort of thing happens over the phone.

Mel said:

Being so overtly concerned about the full name and title being included makes me wonder how many people named Joshua work at Randi Miller's headquarters.

If Joshua Kennedy, Executive Administrator is the only one ... then his focus isn't where it should be. And yes, not noticing that the reference was within a quote from another site is a bad thing. It goes to "attention to detail".

Maybe Joshua Kennedy, Executive Administrator is thinking more about his next election job and just wants everyone to know that he is ... Joshua Kennedy, Executive Administrator.

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