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Today at five was the effective deadline for the pre-primary ethics reports for Tulsa's city election. Four of the five leading candidates for mayor filed their reports -- Randi Miller missed the deadline. (If rumors of the latest SoonerPoll/Whirled poll are accurate, she's no longer a factor in the primary, and after Sunday's revelation, she may have given up the race.)

I'll do more in-depth analysis later, but here's a quick rundown:

Brigitte Harper raised $1,555.00, spent $1,384.48.
Bill LaFortune raised $309,514.61, spent $275,352.98.
Chris Medlock raised $28,268.07, spent $23,934.01.

Kathy Taylor raised $464,904.00, spent $406,762.30.

I saw McCorkell's report, which was in the $800,000 range, but somehow when we were making copies we missed it. (The McCorkell campaign should feel free to e-mail me a copy directly. :) )

There's an interesting recurring group of contributors that ties a bunch of the Council candidates together. It's like a repeat of two years ago, when a collection of F&M Bank board members backed a certain group of candidates, but this involves a bigger bank.

More later tonight, and you can hear me each morning through the election from 6 to 7 a.m. on 1170 KFAQ. Tomorrow morning we'll be talking about council races in districts 1, 3, and 6, plus any interesting scuttlebutt from the mayoral race.


Dan Paden said:

It disturbs me--deeply--that Bill could raise more than a nickel. Why on earth would anyone...

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

all for a job that pays $105,000 a year...

Freda Author Profile Page said:

I suspect that BOK is showing up on the democrats reports.

sbtulsa said:

mayor misfortune is being outspent by mcC and taylor. i'd like to know what randi miller is spending but i guess if she hasn't filed for office she doesn't have to report. after her appearance on channel six, i'd have to rate miller as an empty skirt with marginal ability. her invisible campaign makes me think that's how she would operate as mayor.

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