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is really, really interested in BatesLine today -- 16 visits! Tell Mickey I said, "Howdy!"


susan said:

I chaperoned a large group to Orlando, Florida in December and the Disney Theme Parks I can
confirm is making a bundle of money! The wait lines for the best rides were two hours!

My youngest daughter stood in line for one of them and right before she got on with her friends she had to wait for a actor/actress that decided they wanted to ride the ride all by themself. My daughter loved the right by the way. Disney provides just about anything you wish for if you have the cash to pay for it!

We spent three days in the Disney Theme Parks. The group I chaperoned was invited to be in the Disney Magic Music Days Parade that also has all the Disney characters. The evening parade is the best to watch, and wow they had some really
terrific music entertainers before the parade too. My group was also invited to be in the
Citrus Bowl Parade that was really neat.
We also spent a day at another very popular theme park that had Spiderman, and everyone loved that attraction.

It no wonder that there are people in Orlando, Florida reading BATESLINE -- it's better than reading the Tulsa World newspaper. Mike is definitely a better reporter/writer than anyone else on the Tulsa World newspaper staff.

I think Mike Bates would be a terrific Mayor of

susan said:

Disney Theme Parks has some new rides and they were a lot of fun. If OKLAHOMA could get a QUALITY FIRST RATE theme park to invest in rides like some of the favorite theme parks in Florida, it would bring in THOUSANDS of visitors which in return would help hotel and restaurant business.

Some of the smaller towns in Oklahoma would be a perfect site to build an elaborate theme park since many have the land but not much to look at and a lot of older buildings that have been abandoned (like some of Tulsa downtown!

It would bring jobs to smaller towns where many that now live in smaller towns have to drive a long ways to a bigger town just to find work.

A funny explanation I saw in the Tulsa World recently was a "guest" accompanied a wealthy woman to a fundraising event. The woman is a wealthy widow and her "guest" is a native of Britain who now lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and was sworn in as a United States citizen before coming to Tulsa the day of the Tulsa fundraiser.

Who would ever think the Tulsa World would have to explain so much about a "guest" from Florida
accompanying this woman as "Scene" news!

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