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Let's all give a big Tulsa welcome to the Tulsa Whirled's new editorial cartoonist, Doug Marlette. I have to say I'm impressed that the paper was willing and able to hire a Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, even though they won't be paying his full salary -- and even though he won't be coming all the way to Tulsa.

According to his bio, his most recent employment has been with the Tallahassee Democrat and yet his home is in Hillsborough, North Carolina. He is moving to Oklahoma to take this position with the Whirled, but not to Tulsa: According to the Democrat's story on Marlette's departure, he'll also be a lecturer at the University of Oklahoma and will live in Norman. (The Whirled's introductory article overlooked that detail.)

It will be interesting to see if he continues to focus mainly on national and global news. If he does delve in to local and state politics, I hope he doesn't rely on the Whirled's coverage alone as the basis for his cartoons.

I invite Mr. Marlette to explore the BatesLine archive about his new employer, with special attention to the international ridicule that befell the Whirled after its attempt to intimidate me and other critics of the paper. That last link will give Mr. Marlette a good introduction to the way the Whirled wields its influence in local politics -- and a clue as to why the Whirled continues to lose favor and circulation.

Marlette's new boss, editorial page editor Ken Neal, writes:

One of the factors in Marlette's selection is the fact that he is not partisan or convinced that one group or another has a lock on "truth." His cartoons reflect a healthy distrust of government and public life, regardless of the affiliations of public officials. That is often hard for readers to remember when their favorite is portrayed unflatteringly.

Hopefully, Mr. Marlette will include within that "healthy distrust" the ownership and editorial board of the Tulsa Whirled and their favorites in local government.


mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Marlette is one of my favorites, in fact my favorite "cartoon" of his is Superman

Mike said:

Well, I was surprised to find a "free sample" of the Whirled in my driveway today, accompanied by an offer to renew my canceled subscription for "only" $8.00/month.

I will reply to their offer, not with an acceptance, but rather with a note telling them that I will consider renewing my subscription when the paper is not owned by a Lorton, and when Ken Neal no longer governs the editorial page.

susan said:

Just as millions in the Katrina aid has been wasted and mishandled, I would love for Tulsa voters to give CHRIS MEDLOCK a chance to be our next Mayor of Tulsa. Why shouldn't a city councilor ask tough questions like he has?

We have seen reported in the Tulsa World in Oklahoma different City Clerks/City Employees have been caught STEALING a lot of MONEY and have been convicted. It happens. His questions in Great Plains Airlines were good ones. Until
different people started digging and asking tough
questions with one instance their own father in a City Council position that did not want the questions to continue, the STEALING never would have been discovered. We have seen reported in the Tulsa World other state employees give
the appearance of abusing privileges and corruption in overspending state dollars. They also hope no one will ask "tough questions" or try to dig deep to find the answers.

Chris Medlock is a candidate according to his picture bio in the Sunday Feb.12 Tulsa World that had to work very hard at paying for his way throughout college and that says a lot about a person.

Robert Lorton's mother handed down the paper leadership to him without any national thorough "talent search" and Robert Lorton handed the Publisher,President title over to his son Robert Lorton III.
Both Lortons allowed one of their newspaper writers to purposely try to hurt Medlock's image and REPUTATION as a Tulsa City Councilor by saying he was one credit short of his master's degree at the Univ. of Tulsa.
Working your way through college and your Master's Degree is not like sucking up to your parents for a lucrative paying job with lucrative benefits. It's hard work. Since Chris Medlock never signed off and gave approval for his T.U. transcript to be given to that reporter, the Tulsa World has yet to reveal their source who gave them that information. We never saw any cartoon writer that was employed by the Tulsa World do a cartoon on transcript tampering. Even an employer cannot legally given their opinion to others and comment on something like that.
Chris Medlock appears to have the drive, curiosity, and determination to find
corruption that could be costing Tulsa taxpayers

I wonder if Doug Marlette can draw some cartoons that will be fair to the top four leading Mayor

Joel Author Profile Page said:

Let's all give a big Tulsa welcome to the Tulsa Whirled's new editorial cartoonist, Doug Marlette.

As long as a "Tulsa welcome" isn't the same thing as an "Oklahoma Hello!"

Joseph Wallis said:

I'm still wondering what a Tulsa Welcome is myself. I am even less aware of what an Oklahoma Hello is.

susan said:

Doug Marlette -- here's a great opportunity to draw a cartoon for the Tulsa World on a Sunday when everyone can see it! I dare you to do it!

Draw a picture of CNN news reporters talking about BATESLINE as it did make international news!

In that CNN news report, the Tulsa World mangement looked pitiful!

Now instead of Tulsa World reporters such as Brian Barber giving Michael Bates press coverage for Batesline, Tulsa World refers to Batesline in the news stories as a "political internet blogger".

susan said:

Starting in January, Marlette works in Norman at the
University of Oklahoma. He is featured today in their paper.


The Oklahoma Daily news

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