Why is NewsChamber 8 trying to prop up Bill LaFortune?

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On their 10 o'clock newscast, KTUL reported about today's rally in support of Tulsa's police that "a local radio station and Mayor Bill LaFortune organized the event." (Emphasis in the original.)

Of course, LaFortune had nothing to do with organizing it. KFAQ set up the whole thing, with the help of Chief Dave Been (before LaFortune put him on administrative leave), the police auxiliary, the FOP, and with the financial support of Rich and Cartmill Insurance.

I saw LaFortune today as he arrived late, after the color guard, the national anthem, and the tribute to fallen officers. He stood surrounded by staffers on the ground near the southeast corner of the stands, chattering away through the speeches. When Chief Been was recognized and applauded, LaFortune did not applaud. He slipped away right at the end and managed to avoid talking with citizens who might take issue with his mistreatment of the Chief.

A news report can shape perception through interpretation, selective reporting, choice of descriptive terms, but this was a flat-out lie, a lie designed to cover up Bill LaFortune's contemptuous treatment of Chief Been and the entire Tulsa Police Department.

UPDATE: A reader informs me that KOTV led their 10 o'clock report with a story on the rally, gave KFAQ credit for setting it up, interviewed Michael DelGiorno, and gave Chief Been a lot of attention.

UPDATE: Here's an audio clip of the KTUL report (300 KB MP3). Have an airsick bag handy when you listen to it.

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Yeah, I caught that too. I thought to my self, "LaFortune? yeah right!" 8 also downplayed the significance of Been's presence.

Shadow6 said:

Because The Cabal has decided they would rather have LaFortune as the GOP candidate against Taylor or McCorkel, since Randi Miller has no traction at all. They need to keep LaFortune in the game at this point.

LaFortune has received funding for media buys when everyone thought he was broke.

If it's a LaFortune/McCorkle race, the race will be on to rally behind Hizzonor. He will continue to be funded and promoted.

If it is a LaFortune/Taylor race, LaFortune will lose his funding. The Mayor will be like a scuba diver inside a wreck 100 feet deep who just ran out of air.

What else could it be?

Joseph Wallis said:

People actually watch that geneatric channel 8?

DavidS said:

I thought it was also bad this morning with KRMG saying they were first media to report this event. Considering it was organized by their competitor KFAQ it would be hard to have beat KFAQ in reporting it...

Michelle said:

After the email exchange referenced in the trackback above, I got a comment on my blog from Kevin, the webmaster at KTUL. Not that I think I can claim full credit, but I hope I helped!

A clarification will run in tonight’s 10 o’clock newscast.

Comment by Kevin — 2/27/2006 @ 6:29 pm


sbtulsa said:

why wasn't it run on all three newscasts? ten o'clock seems to be like the back page of the section Q in the Tulsa Whirled.

Michelle said:

After my email exchange with the news director of KTUL, the webmaster commented on my blog at 6:41 to say that they would run a clarification. After my first email questioning them Monday afternoon, they were still standing by that story because of the ridiculous excuse that LaFortune sent out an email asking people to attend. I hope my irrefutable logic (anybody that sent out an email asking people to come was considered an organizer also) convinced them otherwise. The point of this comment is to say I don't think it was decided to "clarify" at all until after 6:00.

Mary said:

To give people some more of an idea about LaFortune's character, get this: I had a child at Mayo Elementary school the same time LaFortune did several years ago. He may have been DA then. He arrived extremely late for an all-family outdoor back to school picnic. As my family was getting ready to leave, we found we were blocked in by his car which he parked upon the grass. We must have known it was his car and my husband went back to the picnic and asked him kindly to let us out. He was talking to someone and said yeah, just a minute. We waited and waited and waited. My husband went back and he waived him off again and said okay, be right there. He never came. We spent ten minutes trying to maneuver out of that spot...but we were successful. What a jerk! Never have been a fan or voter since.

TomQ said:

"why wasn't it run on all three newscasts? ten o'clock seems to be like the back page of the section Q in the Tulsa Whirled."

Actually, isn't the 10 o'clock newscast the one most people watch? That was my understanding.

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