Get out the vote (GOTV) efforts?

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Just posted this at the TulsaNow forum, but I'll post it here in hopes of getting more participation:

Given estimates of a record turnout today, I'm curious to know what is getting people to the polls, so I'm starting this thread to ask:

Do you know of anyone who has received a reminder to vote today?

Was it by phone or e-mail?

What organization was behind the reminder, and were they pushing a particular candidate or slate of candidates?

I'll start: I received e-mails from two friends who are active in the GOP and have large e-mail lists -- one was forwarding my writeup in support of the charter amendment, and the other was urging support for Medlock, Westcott, Brinkley, Mautino, Eagleton, Magee, Carter, and a "for" vote on the proposition.

What about you? Post a comment!


Hazel said:

I went to my polling place....and it was GONE!
No sign, nobody, nothing.
Came home and looked up precincts on the
Election Board's site. Turns out it had moved.

Kind of thought a sign was in order, as a minimum.

Precinct 51 - from Church at 12th & Delaware to Fire Station No. 7 (3005 E. 15th)

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

No calls. No cards. Went to my polling place at Victory at 6:00 pm where 144 had voted before me. The poll volunteers were dissappointed. What are you waiting on District 2????? GO VOTE NOW!!!!!

OkieDokie Author Profile Page said:

I received a taped call from John Sullivan telling me to vote for John Eagleton (I'm in Dist 7 and I had already planned to do so) and I got a call from a nice lady yesterday asking me to vote for Mr. LaFortune, but I told her that I was planning to vote for Mr. Medlock. Tons of mail cards, all the dist 7 candidates sent at least 2 or 3.

ps - enjoy your commentary on KFAQ. keep up the good work.

Winston said:

Got a pre-recorded call from Richard Roberts this morning, wanting me to go vote for Randi.

did not receive any calls or postcards, etc. in the mail. ...i did sign up for kathy taylor's newsletter, however, and there were several reminders sent as to when the voting date was, as well as helpful information as to how to find out where to vote, etc.

considering blogs, websites and email, it seems to me that it's a lot easier to remember when to vote, and find out about the issues, candidates, etc. more quickly now than what i remember in years past. ...'guess what i am saying is that it seems, "easier" to vote.

i'd be curious to find out if it's one particular demographic or age group that is voting, or if the numbers have gone up across the board.

Dan Paden said:

Nobody reminded me to vote. I just up and went, and of course, no one asked for an ID or voter registration card.

susan said:

I would like to congratulate Chris Medlock on the number of votes he received. It is too bad the race can't be between Medlock and LaFortune
instead of LaFortune and Taylor.

I would like to know all of the new companies and higher paying jobs Kathy Taylor plans to bring to Tulsa with the expertise she says she has in business.

Paul said:

I got the automated Richard Roberts call for Randi (spoiler) Miller last night around 9:45 PM.

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