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Click on that Tulsa Bloggers button on the right side of the home page near the top. My brother bloggers are providing a lot of excellent coverage of the elections, including video of candidate forums, commentary, and endorsement news. None of us can cover everything on our own, but as a group we're doing a pretty good job of filling in the details that the mainstream media pass by.

And don't forget to pick up an Urban Tulsa Weekly. This week features my endorsements in the two mayoral primaries, plus the rest of the stories on the city council primary races, and a Terry Simonson op-ed explaining why we need to fire Bill LaFortune. On KFAQ Thursday morning and earlier in the week on KCFO, Simonson announced his endorsement of Chris Medlock, which gives Medlock the endorsement of two of the last four Republican mayoral nominees. Frank Pitezel, former state rep, is the other former nominee who supports Medlock. The two that don't endorse Medlock? Bill LaFortune and Bob Dick, the ol' BillyBob team.


susan said:

I read the latest Urban Tulsa Weekly yesterday. Excellent reporting by Michael Bates and I also enjoyed the Terry Simonson article.

The OU - Tulsa job Mayor LaFortune has been reported as seeking if he loses this race pays $80,000.00 (I know it has been reported Bill wants $105,000.00, so if he gets the job OU will try to find some kind of legal work for him to do ...) but isn't it interesting
that Bill LaFortune would be so desperate to get Sam off the City Council to offer him in salary $90,000.00 -- a massive jump in salary from what he was currently makng at the time as far as what I saw reported in the T.W.(Sam could be making more by now and the T.W. did not list all the benefits he was getting with the $90,000,000 sudden job promotion from City Councilor and does Sam even have two years of college and an associate's degree?) Bill LaFortune has a lot more education, yet the job he is seeking at OU - Tulsa originally paid $80,000? Bill offered Sam $90,000.00 to get him off the council as a swing voter to do a job many in the Tulsa job hunting market would have had more skills and education to do that job title justice? Does Terry Simonson know how Bill just came up with the $90,000.00 salary for Sam? When he was employed before he got laid off, was that his salary?

How many that go job seeking when so many good paying jobs went off the radar in Tulsa in 2003, 2004, 2005 can land such interesting new job titles and pay scales like Sam Roop and Bill LaFortune?

And speaking of landing a questionable what seemed to be "instant" premium job as the new STATE COMMERCE SECRETARY -- do not forget that Kathy Taylor(Democrat and a very generous donor moves to Oklahoma from Florida at the end of 2002, and newly elected Governor Brad Henry (Democrat) just happens to chose Kathy from all the attorneys and people ESTABLISHED IN OKLAHOMA of distinquished business skills in Oklahoma -- I was wondering -- was that part of Bill L.'s compromise and Kathy's business skills she keeps talking about but I wonder what are all the businesses she has actually helped in Tulsa, Oklahoma when she held that title?

What were all of Kathy Taylor's accomplishments on her resume to instantly land a job STATE COMMERCE SECRETARY -- or is it as was quoted in the Tulsa World Kathy said she thought it was important to invest ($$$$$$$$) in herself.

Does Don McCorkell happen to have her resume when she landed the job as State Commerce Secretary? Since he is also a democrat and probably has many connections at the state capitol, could he comment?

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