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Channel 47 (Cable 7) is holding a 30 minute debate between all four Republican mayoral candidates tonight at 9 p.m. I saw the Democratic debate Tuesday, and KWHB general manager Royal Aills did a great job asking the questions. The only concern I have about tonight's event is that by including two also-rans (Miller and Harper), there will be less focus on the real choice that Republican voters will face on Tuesday between LaFortune and Medlock.

Also, tonight KOTV will be releasing the results of the KOTV/Tulsa World/ poll. The survey happened mainly on Friday and Saturday, with some limited calling Sunday, so it came before the revelation in Sunday's paper about Randi Miller's "inappropriate relationship" with assistant public works director Mike Buchert and before the police rally. It will be interesting to see where the race stood before that voters began to take that into account.

UPDATE: I was in the audience tonight. Royal Aills did a fine job once again, this time with the bigger challenge of keeping things moving, covering a variety of topics, and working four candidates into half an hour instead of two.

Randi Miller seemed quite subdued, almost on the verge of tears, at least from where I was sitting, although she seemed to recover a bit of oomph as the debate went on. News of the poll (LaFortune 38, Medlock 19, Miller 14, Undecided 29) had to have hit hard. Her handlers had been selling the line that she was neck and neck with LaFortune, and I imagine she believed it, too. Instead, she's in third place, and that 14% represents where she was after the bump from the FOP endorsement and before the story about the Buchert relationship had come out. The FOP has to be wondering about their next step -- switching endorsements may be the only way to prevent four more years of LaFortune.

This debate and the Democratic debate will re-air Monday at 8 p.m.


sbtulsa said:

i watched as best i could and found it disappointing. randi miller and lafortune fo not come off well in Q&A sessions. miller comes across as blase and uncomitted (or worse, uninformed), as well as looking like a deer in a truck's headlights. mayor misfortune comes across as unaware and less than focused. medlock at least had a sensible message. I have never heard of the woman standing next to medlock. anyone know anything about her?

all in all, medlock is the best speaker by far. quesiton is, could he get the council to partner with him on the key issues?

Joseph Wallis said:

We need to rid this town of its lemmings. How can people possibly be voting in favor of Lafortune after all the crap he has pulled? At least the undecided vote was there. I just hope Medlock can convert all of that for himself.

Mike said:

Joseph, Chris Medlock CAN convert most of that undecided vote, if you and I and his other supporters will make sure our family, friends, and co-workers know what a mess LaFortune has made these past four years, and how much more solid a Medlock administration would be.

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