Tulsa election roundup

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I'm too tired to write right now, but fortunately, I'm not the only one writing:

Re: Whirled's endorsement of Taylor -- Chris Medlock told LaFortune so over a year ago; LaFortune just remembered.

Steve Roemerman rebuts the Tulsa Whirled's endorsement of Jim Mautino's opponent.

Mad Okie found a Quigmans cartoon that cuts a little too close to home. And he's got an illustration of Tulsa's April 4 choices -- from the Emerald City to the Magic Empire.

Dan Paden considers his alternatives and figures he's "hosed" either way.

TulTellitarian thinks Bill Martinson was left to twist in the wind by his fellow Cockroach Caucasians and believes that his District 5 opponent Jon Kirby is the Good Ol' Boys new choice for the seat. Interesting theory. Kirby's campaign is being run in tandem with that of District 6 Democrat Dennis Troyer, who is without a doubt the GOB choice in that district.

Independent candidate Ben Faulk has responded to meeciteewurkor's questions about the treatment of citee wurkors city workers.

Our Tulsa World has a list of 1998 Susan Savage contributors that bears a striking resemblance to Kathy Taylor's 2006 contributor list.

TulsaNow has a thread that explains why we need neighborhood conservation district zoning in Tulsa -- a developer is replacing the old Claiborne's Sinclair Station at 35th & Peoria with a Starbucks and a Pei Wei Diner, and the new building will have the parking at the street, instead of matching the Brookside pattern of having the building come up to the sidewalk. Unfortunately, both District 9 council candidates oppose neighborhood conservation district zoning and design guidelines in the zoning code.


Bobby Author Profile Page said:

That's some pretty lively conversation over on Tulsa Now about the impending Starbucks and Pei Wei Diner going in on Brookside.

I was in the Brookside area the other day and saw that Claiborne's had been razed and wondered about what was going in there.

If I was a City Council candidate, or developer, I would be thinking carefully about how I presented myself to the Brookside residents. The BNA encompasses over 4 square miles. It (BNA) may be a sleeping giant at times, but I don't think I'd like to give those good folks an issue to rally around.

I can't think of a better reason to have Form Based Zoning than this travesty.

Tulsan said:

Magic Empire, apparently adopted in the early 20's, stuck around to until recent Tulsa history. Even today, we have the Magic Empire Council of Boy Scouts. Or did, not sure if it remains. But, Magic Empire was widely used as I grew up. The sports leagues, many businesses, government and even churches used 'Magic Empire' such and such as their affiliations. It wasn't until the late 80's, when Christian groups appear to have associated 'magic' with the devil, or witchcraft, that it began to disappear. There was not only an active campaign to dishonor it, but a background activity working to have it removed.

Source or not, it was always my understanding the term 'Magic Empire' came from the oil boom days and was affectionally embraced as what is sometimes now referred to as 'Tulsa's can-do Spirit'. Tulsa was truely magic in those days. Nothing like what local politicians have made of it now.

Mike said:

Tulsan, "Magic Empire" is the name used by the Girl Scouts in Tulsa. The Boy Scouts in the Tulsa area are known as the Indian Nations Council. Just FYI.

Joseph Wallis said:

Speaking of Medlock....I cant believe he is endorsing Lafortune. Way to tow the party line...how ridiculous. I would have rather he not endorse anyone at all. Endorse people based on their ideas....not because they are the lesser of two evils.

agreed w/ Joseph.
a very odd, uncharictaristic move for medlock to make.

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