What was that last name again?

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From the Lobeck-Taylor Foundation entry on the Grantmakers of Oklahoma website (emphasis added):

Lobeck-Taylor Foundation
Contact: Kathy Taylor Lobeck
Address: 1132 S. Lewis Avenue
Tulsa, OK, 74104
Phone: 918/583-2955
Web Site:
Geographical Area:
Population Group:
Interest Areas:
Tax Year: 2003
Assets: $3,379,029
Amount of Grants: $352,233
Grant-size Low: $200
Grant-size High: $100,000
Number of Grants: 26
Application Process: This foundation only gives to a pre-selected group of charities and does not accept unsolicited requests.
Additional Info:

Make life simpler: Pick a name, pick a house, pick a city, pick a polling place and stick with it.

UPDATE: Over on the TulsaNow forum, Michelle Cantrell explains why someone might use multiple versions of the same name:

Many of you may have guessed by now that this whole name thing is very personal to me. Yes, I kept my maiden name, and it bugs the h*ll out of me that I get so much cr*p because of it. So, the fact that she isn't consistent makes perfect sense to me. I will explain.

My children took my husband's name, so at school, I am almost always referred to by my husband & children's name. I rarely correct people, because I see no point in it. Some of the teachers that do know I kept my name sometimes use my name, and sometimes use my husbands.

My credit union was originally under my name, but I added my husband to the account. To make depositing checks easier, I listed my middle name as his last name.

Some of my in-laws do not like the fact that I kept my name. To "appease" me, they choose to list my name as hyphened--maiden & husband's name. If they actually had money to create a trust for me, I am sure they would use that hyphened name.

I have had people tell me it is illegal to keep my name, and therefore choose to change it for me.

When my husband and I closed on our house, I had to sign multiple affidavits assuring that all of the versions of my name (maiden, hyphened, husband's) were actually me.

There are reasons to feel uneasy about voting for Taylor. Complaining about her name is petty and sexist.

I wasn't complaining, and I have no quarrel with women who choose to keep their maiden names, but I did find it interesting that Taylor chooses to use different names in different situations. It reminds me, as I note in the comments below, of pop stars reinventing themselves via name change, e.g. Sean "Puffy" Combs who became Puff Daddy who became P. Diddy who recently became just plain Diddy.

Michelle, if I read her correctly, chooses to use her maiden name, although she is accommodating to those who refer to her by the last name of her husband and children; that I can understand.


susan said:

This foundation gives to a "pre-selected" group of charities and a very low number "26" grants ranging from very low $200 and the dollar value
of the grant goes up based on very possibly
how much "publicity" the Lobeck-Taylor foundation can get. Also, it's a tax write-off.
Yes, the Tulsa World puts Kathy Taylor in the Tulsa World every chance they can when other people doing the same volunteer or charity work get left out constantly from the Tulsa World news and scene news. Tulsa World has their favorites and it is obvious.

You won't find "k" kathy putting too many hours
on this foundation paperwork. But then again,
she may be counting the parties and
publicity for magazines, newspapers, and any other form of p.r.

When you have the assets of this particular area,
10% giving is not that big of deal and I am sure
they have an accountant that uses every loophole
to get the biggest deduction as possible for the Lobecks.

I wonder if her husband took advantage on those tax-credits of Oklahoma from his business since
Kathy worked and had a position at the State
Capitol -- has anyone
investigated how much Oklahoma state tax credits
the Lobeck businesses registered in Oklahoma, the Taylor/Lobecks, the foundation of the Taylor/Lobecks, and any other name or business they own that is registered under Oklahoma state tax credits and please list the year(s) and how much.

Elvis said:

Why should any of us care what name she uses?

She should pick one and stick with it, for consistency's sake.

recyclemichael said:

I can't believe you attack someone for giving away money.

This is not in anyway illegal or in any way wrong.

This is very lame of you to try to somehow spin her giving of thousands of dollars a year into something bad.

You are the bad one this time.

Michael Patton (recyclemichael), where did I attack anyone for giving away money? I just found it interesting that here, at least, she's using a different name than she is using on the ballot. That was the point of this entry. It's interesting, too, that Taylor partisans have carped about people referring to her as Kathy Lobeck-Taylor, yet here she uses both names, albeit in a different order and sans hyphen.

Recyclemichael said:

I remember when a singer named Johnny Cougar became John Mellencamp then became John Cougar Mellancamp.

How dare he! Let's write a negative story right before his next album comes out...we must not like his music because he has changed his name!

Oh, look, that woman on television used to have a different last name and now she is wearing a ring and trying to act like someone else.

Don't watch that news show, she must be lying or trying to hide something!


Actually, I can recall a fair amount of ridicule being directed at John Cougar Mellencamp over his name changes. Ditto for Prince aka The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. And likewise for Sean "Puffy" Combs, aka Puff Daddy, aka P. Diddy. Each name change was a kind of self-reinvention for marketing purposes.

It's customary for a woman to take her husband's last name when she gets married. It's also fairly common now for a woman to keep her maiden name when she gets married. I've known a few cases where a woman kept her maiden name at first, then took her husband's name when the first child comes along. But generally, whatever choice she makes, the usual thing is to stick with that choice, not to oscillate back and forth.

Jim said:

We do love to bash those with money. Some things never change around here...and Bill Lafortune had a really tough life thus far as well.

Bash those with money? Where do you see that? For that matter, where is anyone being bashed?

Y'all are awfully thin-skinned over a simple observation.

soandsosfrnd said:

I have noticed that she also contributes to campaigns with different names as well. I really have never seen anyone go back and forth so much with the style of their name.

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

Here's some good advice that I have followed for over a year with regard to the TulsaNow Forum: Leave them alone. They will destroy themselves. They have creeped onto your website, and are ruining it. There are about 15-20 of these people that generate all the nasty polluted traffic. 98% all of it is garbage.

Everyone knows Kathy Taylor is a bulldozer who will stop at nothing until all of the dissent is silenced. That's what she's been hired to do. There is too much money and favors behind her.

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