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For as long as anyone can remember, the Tulsa County Republican Men's Club (TCRMC) held their monthly luncheons at The Fountains near 66th and Lewis. But earlier this year, the restaurant was closed for health code violations. The TCRMC had to find a new place in a hurry.

They wound up at the Radisson Hotel, which until recently was the Sheraton Tulsa, on 41st Street near Garnett Road. A week from Friday will be their third month meeting at the hotel.

However nice the facilities or the food, this is a spectacularly inappropriate place for Republicans to meet. The general manager of this hotel, Jon Davidson, was the chairman of Citizens for Responsible Government, the 2004-2005 effort to recall two Republican city councilors from office. Despite the change of affiliation from Sheraton to Radisson, the hotel still has the same ownership and management.

Although I have attended both TCRMC meetings at the Sheraton/Radisson, I have eaten elsewhere beforehand, because I don't want to reward Davidson for the damage he did to our city and our party. Until the TCRMC moves elsewhere, I won't buy lunch.

But the TCRMC can't move without options, so I'm asking for your help. If you know of a banquet hall that can seat about 200 people and offers a reasonably priced ($10 or under) lunch buffet and has a decent sound system, please drop me a line at blog at batesline dot com. Other Republican clubs may be interested in using the same facility.

And if you're a TCRMC member and it bugs you that we're patronizing an establishment run by the unrepentant head of the recall effort, you might want to let your club leaders know -- politely -- by e-mail or at the next meeting. (If you are a TCRMC member you've already got the e-mail address and don't need me to provide it.)

UPDATE: In rereading this, I didn't think I made it clear enough that I am not an officer in the TCRMC. I'm just a concerned member, and my aim in posting this is to learn about alternative meeting places that I can then recommend to the TCRMC leadership.


Twatch Author Profile Page said:


Could be a revealing request; I wonder if TCRMC will follow Bill LaFortune's lead or feel a need to support Jon Davidson's business.

Hey great blog! I look forward to stopping by here often.

Take care,

Steve Denney said:

Try Stiminak's. They're new in town. Food is reasonably priced. They're part of an international chain, I think. The staff is friendly, the food is tasty, and the atmosphere is out of this world. I understand that there might be a discount for political parties and they also cater. For further information see them on the web at:

susan said:

Wherever your next meeting, invite Sam Roop, who not only made $90,000 -- he made $101,000/yr.! What a salesman -- I thought the Tulsa World only reported he made $90,000. A swing voter that got very well rewarded and many titles as it's hard to believe he was in charge of so many things -- has anyone ever seen his resume (before
B. LaFortune hired him)? I think Sam Roop could have accidentally deleted all the good I.T. Director resumes on the City of Tulsa 2003 - 2005 H.R. Information Technology/Managers database list.
Kathy Taylor should go back to the beginning of 2003 and look at the top I.T. Director resumes.

Is it still called Furrs Cafeteria on 4lst near the same location. They can seat 200 people and they have all you can eat lunch buffet for less than $10 and a meeting room.

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