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This morning I was on KFAQ to talk about SB 1324, but before we got to that subject, Gwen Freeman mentioned Carlton Pearson's new TV ads, which straightforwardly proclaim his embrace of universalism -- the doctrine that all are saved from God's wrath, whether or not they repent and believe in Jesus Christ. In that context, I said this:

I'm happy to say that because of [Carlton Pearson's] heresy, my son's school has a new campus. Regent Preparatory School has bought the old Higher Dimensions campus on South Memorial... So we've got a nice new big campus with some wild space, ponds, and woods, and it's going to be a great place for a school, and we owe it all to Carlton Pearson being a heretic.

It was said in a jocular tone of voice, and it provoked laughter from Gwen Freeman and Ron Howell, who was her sidekick this morning.

I got a call later from someone who had heard about the remark second-hand and was concerned that it might reflect badly on the school.

I want to make it clear here that I do not represent Regent Preparatory School in any way. My only affiliation with the school is that two of my children are students there.

For its first six years of existence, Regent has been a tenant of Central Assembly of God, which is located in the old Bates Elementary School building near 51st and Memorial. It has been a good location, but the classical Christian school has been searching for a permanent place where it can settle in and expand. At one point three years ago, Regent was poised to purchase the old Children's Medical Center facility on I-44 between 41st and Yale, but the effort was thwarted by then-City Councilor Randy Sullivan. (That area is now home to a Best Buy and a Bed, Bath, and Beyond.) This new campus is an answer to many years of prayers.

I don't mean to be ungracious to Carlton Pearson, whom I met during the 2002 mayoral campaign. But Pearson turned his back on the historic Christian faith by embracing universalism. As a result, many of his church members left, and many of his fellow pastors and evangelists do not wish to give him a platform at their revival meetings and conferences for his false doctrine.

This decline in popularity, stemming from the rejection of truth and the embrace of falsehood, led to the financial decline of the church and the necessity of selling their facility near 91st and Memorial. The remnant of his church now worships Sunday afternoons at Trinity Episcopal Church.

For a minister of the gospel to turn his back on the truth and lead others astray is a grave thing, and I take no joy in it. Nevertheless, it is a happy thing that, as a consequence of one man's rejection of the truth, a school that is committed to the truth and is grounded in sound Christian doctrine now has a campus that will enable it to grow and to thrive.


michael j sanditen said:

more confirmation that you are a bigot....as a felow HH alum, I am ashamed.....you just don't get it....loser.

Dan Paden said:

I understand exactly what you mean. Of course, I am a fellow bigot who also, with sadness and regret, notes that Mr. Pearson has embraced heresy, so what's my opinion worth?

Mel said:

Mr. Sanditen, I, for one, would love to know what, in your belief system, is "not being got". If we're all going to be saved by God no matter what we believe in, then we might as well worship a dandelion ... or a golden calf (and we know how that turned out).

Paul Tay said:

I have much more respect for Rev. Pearson now than when he was livin' it up at his 81st/Memorial crib. Remember it was Apostle Paul who spent most of time in the dungeon for expressing his beliefs. I'd rather be hated for who I am. Not liked for who you want me to be.

W. Author Profile Page said:

I find it a bit disingenuous to talk about Mr. Pearson's "rejection of truth" when no one truly has any idea whether it's truth or not.

Mike said:

Mr. Sanditen, is ad hominem name-calling a part of your daily routine? Isn't that what a bigot does, after all? Hmmmmmm?

marcus said:

REMEMBER... Jesus saved the whole world not just a grammer school!!!

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