Sun rises in the north?

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So it would seem from Doug Marlette's latest cartoon in the Tulsa Whirled.

I shouldn't be too hard on Mr. Marlette. Since he doesn't live here, he can't be expected to be too familiar with local geography.

For cartoons by a long-time Tulsa resident, pick up one of these.

Somewhat related: On Sunday, Julie Del Cour wrote this:

Every five years for the past quarter century, the city of Tulsa has offered voters a deal: If they approve a third-penny sales tax the city will keep chipping away at capital needs.

"Chipping" is the operative word. Even with regular bond issues and renewal of the third-penny four times, the city has about $4 billion in unmet capital needs. Theoretically the city could dedicate its total budget for the next seven years to those needs and still not catch up.

It's funny: The amount of unmet capital needs has been $4 billion as long as I can remember, at least going back to the 1999 bond issue. If we've been "chipping away at it," shouldn't it be getting smaller? Between two bond issues and two third-penny renewals since then, plus Vision 2025 (which mostly unded one of the biggest single items on the list, the arena) we've funded roughly $1.4 billion dollars in capital needs, if memory serves me correctly.


Paul Tay said:

One Small Penny. One Big SCAM. It's really not about a penny, is it? The City budge is NORTH of half billion dollars, and City Hall can't even find 600G's to pay for replacement Glocks. What's next on the TP list? Bullets?

Part II: $1.15 million Brady Village Implementation Plan. Segregating bicycles away from Denver and Archer. Inconsistent with BOTH OK Statutes and Tulsa Revised Ordinances. Bicycles are TRAFFIC.

Part III: $60 million street widenings in South Tulsa. Moves traffic and sales tax receipt into Bixby, BA, and Jenks. Kills Downtown/River Development.

Careful whatcha voted for. Tulsa will get it soon 'nuff.

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

Maybe he ment to say:
"Just as sure as the sun rises, the people of Tulsa voted yes to more taxes"

Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

I agree, the penny is a scam. I was in Portland, Oregon a couple of weeks ago. They had bicycles and cars and buses and trains. They all seemed to work toghether extremely well, in their bustling and vibrant downtown area.

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