Dick out

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Bob Dick announced earlier today that he will not file for re-election as Tulsa County Commissioner for District 3.

Who will step in?


sbtulsa said:

who should run to replace dick. would that we had a candidate named jane. but alas, i am required to get serious.

terry simonson

dave been. he could resign early and campaign. its not like mayor no show doesn't have his replacement already in mind. and what a transition that would be. one former top cop to another one. been would be unbeatable. don't know if he's in the right distict or not.

jim hewgley jr. thought he would have made a fine mayor at one time.

mr. magee, as mb stated on the mdg show.

umm.. Bill Christiansen?

Paul Tay said:

DOGGONE IT! Santa already made a sign: Bill Sux. Get Dick. Bob, yer NO fun. Got gypped again. First, Savage Sue in 2002 welched out, after we made the "NO Savage Sue in 2002" T-shirts. CRAPOLA!

Paul Tay said:

Santa is already on the roll with TIM 4 DA. Audio plug is also on SantaMobile FM 107.3, LPFM available exclusively to motorists within 50 meters. A sign indicates broadcast status.

Paul Tay said:

Simonson, Been, Magee. Tough choices. Eni meanie minie mo. Paper and scissors? 1) Magee 2) Simonson 3) Been. Hewgley is in retirement and enjoying life way too much kickin' it with Sharon King Davis. Boy howdy, did they look da chummy couple, platonically speaking of course, at the TulsaNow forum or what? Let's see where da LaFortune cookie lands Thursday morning.

Born Free said:

at first i thought this would be an item about bad golfers (like me)

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