Eastland Mall industrial rezoning intrigue

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East Tulsa neighborhood activist Jennifer Weaver has been keeping a close eye on Eastland Mall and its owner Haywood Whichard, an out-of-state investor who has a reputation buying distressed shopping malls and sitting on them until they're condemned for redevelopment.

There is a move afoot to rezone the mall from CS to IL -- light industrial. Jennifer has been trying to find out what is in store for Eastland Mall and has a detailed report on Meeciteewurkor's blog.

Jennifer says we need a comprehensive plan for Eastlamd Mall. In fact, on Wednesday the TMAPC took a bus tour (click for PDF of tour route) of the five-square-mile area included in the East Tulsa Neighborhood Plan. The plan covers US 169 to 145th East Ave, 11th Street to 31st Street. The plan is complete, but has not yet been adopted by the TMAPC or City Council as an official part of the City's Comprehensive Plan.

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sbtulsa said:

if you rezone this for light industrial you can kiss the adjoining neighborhood goodbye. also the strip center across the street will not be long for this world. what kind of jobs will replace those retail jobs that are lost? light industrial means different and more problematic waste disposal.

Honestly "J" said:


This has a copy of the letter from Dillard's asking for a continuance of 2 weeks, but also contains the information that the IL zoning would be denied, but they could come back with a PUD!!!

Honestly "J" said:

There are 2 cases against Whichard here in Tulsa County.
There is a 'foreign judgement', which means the Plantiff has decided to come to Tulsa to collect their judgement of, $2,150,000 + 24.9% interest. It may be from 2004! It has language that states, fraud and unfair trade practices.

Does this mean they could put a lien on Eastland Mall, or even make Whichard auction the mall?

BTW, these cases were filed May 12. There is a 20 day window for an asset hearing, if the plantiff chooses...they did not...they know Whichard has Eastland Mall. Now, that the 20 days passed, yesterday, June 1, the plantiff can take action at any time!! It's 'automatic', which means he can't fight it, it's already done, and he can't file bankruptcy to get out of it, either.

This throws a new kink into the mix...is Whichard just simply waiting until the last minute to pay this?

Is Kallay even still in this deal? I heard he pulled out, already.

Honestly "J" said:

Additionally, these are two separate judgements...the $2.15million + 24.9%, and another for $600,000 + allowable interest. It's not clear what date the interest would acrue, August of 2005, or February of 2006.

Honestly "J" said:

Haywood Whichard's IL zoning application had been withdrawn, June 2, according to what was stated in the TMAPC meeting today. His application states:

Application subtotal -$1860.00
Notice subtotal -$ 572.00
Total Amount Due -$2432.00

There was no reason given for the withdrawal request. No one knew if it was because of neighborhood opposition, or other circumstances. The board decided, since the staff had done all the work and were ready for public hearing, that Whichard should not be entitled to a full refund, or any partial refund. Haywood Whichard gets to pay the full amount!

Now, we'll see if he's nervy enough to try a PUD!!!

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