We shall fight them on the Beaches

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Jim Beach's appointment to the Board of Adjustment is on tonight's Tulsa City Council agenda. You can read my reasons for opposing this appointment in my June 15th column. Despite reports that at least six and as many as eight councilors will vote no, Mayor Kathy Taylor is determined to get her way. The BoA is the guardian of the integrity of our land use regulation system. If you want to keep the BoA free of conflicts of interest, if you want the BoA to continue their recent practice of sticking to the law when granting variances, you need to be present tonight and voice your concerns to the City Council. The meeting starts at 6, and the appointment will be early in the agenda.

UPDATE: The Beach nomination will NOT be on tonight's Council agenda.

UPDATE 2: The nomination could still be discussed tonight, if even one Councilor objects to removing it from the agenda. If you can be there at 6, just to be on the safe side, please do.


michelle Author Profile Page said:

I just received an email from Herb Beattie stating that the Council will not be hearing this tonight after all.

Twatch said:

This is the first serious test for the Tulsa City Council to do the work of representing the People's interest. This one is not close and the City Council needs to send a message to a power-drunk tyrannical Mayor that business will not be done by dictates from on high. Voters believed they sent representatives with backbone to the Council, I trust it proves to be true.

susan said:

The T.W. writes the Mayor says the city needs $43.3 million MORE in Vision 2025 funding for the construction bid overages for the questionable arena. With $43.3 million, is it worth it? Can Mayor Taylor assure the Tulsa taxpayers that are paying for almost all of the cost of the arena will it operate in the black or the red and for how many years? There are still a lot of bad looking areas downtown Tulsa, and this highly priced arena which was forced down the voters throats in the Vision vote must pass or no millions for the OU/Tulsa 4lst and Yale area, etc. The arena vote should have been split up.

***Aerospace park developer deal set to take off where the Tulsa Airports Improvement trust officials and an Oklahoma City developer's creation of an aerospace industrial park at the Tulsa International Airport.

Is this a Kathy Taylor deal from friends of hers from OKCITY? Anybody know if the developer is getting the land for next to nothing?

Paul Tay said:

Santa's on top of this. Will be checkin' Batesline every Thursday for update. If Beach is on agenda, Santa will drop everything to be there in Council.

Help us out with a 4 words or less anti-Beach slogan, using only 4 or 5 letter words. It has to fit on a poster 18"X24" i.e. LAID OFF NEED BEER. Git the idea?

Paul Tay said:


Paul Tay said:

Just checking in to hit da Beach, if needed. Race fever be DAMNED! NEED BEER NOT BEACH!

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