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My favorite band in high school and college was Devo -- nerd music par excellence. I was thinking about Devo tonight and went looking for Devo videos on YouTube. I wasn't disappointed.

Weird Al Yankovic's song "Dare to Be Stupid" is the ultimate parody of Devo's music. It isn't a parody of a specific song, but it captures the Devo sound and amps up the trademark weirdness of their lyrics by stringing together in random order twisted versions of proverbs and slogans. The video "Dare to Be Stupid" borrows from a dozen or so Devo music videos from their heyday. If you're a Devo fan, you'll laugh with recognition.

OK, one more favorite Weird Al video -- "I Lost on Jeopardy" -- complete with Art Fleming, Don Pardo, the original Jeopardy set, and a cameo by Dr. Demento.


ha! good ol' weird Al. He used to really crack me up.
I have no idea why, but that video reminded me of this weirdness from Peter Gabriel.
sledge hammer!
Probably the animation reminded me of it or something...

Thanks, mee, for the Peter Gabriel link. That's a classic from back in the days when MTV actually played music videos. It's a great example of stop-action animation -- gotta love the dancing raw chickens.

M said:

We're through being cool! Eliminate the ninnies and the twits!

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