You're listening to J-U-D-Y, J-U-D-Y, J-U-D-Y

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Long before the MasterSingers chanted the Highway Code and the Weather Forecast....

Long before the King's Singers chanted BBC radio frequency changes....

In 1939, Cary Grant chanted the FCC's station identification regulations on the star-studded NBC program The Circle. Cary sings with a kind of psalm tone -- all on one note, with an inflection on the final syllables of each line -- but each line is in a higher key.

(Via WFMU's Beware of the Blog.)


S. Lee said:

A comment on the downtown housing link:
I wonder if the people who think some downtown apartments are just the thing for "revitalization" have ever figured out how many of these apartments will be needed before we can call downtown "revitalized". How many ritzy apartment dwellers will it take to support a "big enough" and "ritzy enough" after-hours business (or bidness) community to officially declare downtown "revitalized"? Wouldn't it take more than a thousand? If so, then wouldn't that essentially turn downtown into a big apartment complex rather than Downtown? If that is what is desired, it seems that it would be much easier, quicker, and cheaper to call the Fontana (or whatever it is called these days) shopping and apartment complex at 51st & Memorial "Downtown". But then, such an area doesn't really FEEL like Downtown; and there is the question of whether Fontana's Ritz Factor is sufficiently high. (Oh heavens to Betsy! Don't forget about that Ritz Factor!)

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