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The big kids are with the grandparents tonight, so it's just me, my wife, and the baby. After dinner out, we enjoyed a romantic evening of... the going-out-of-business sale at the 31st and Garnett Albertson's.

They close on July 31. The back half of the store is cleaned out and blocked with yellow tape. All the fresh stuff is gone, as are most of the cosmetics, toiletries, and over-the-counter meds. They have grocery items at 50% off, spices at 70% off, and general merchandise at 80% off.

Most of what was left was non-perishable. They had a lot of spices, condiments, ethnic food (e.g., curry mixes, flavored soy sauce), coffee and tea, exotic canned veggies like artichoke hearts and hearts of palm, some canned fruits and vegetables. There were some frozen goods -- ice cream, vegetables, seafood.

We filled a cart, and because we were buying unusual items, the "cost density" was higher than normal. It was a bit frightening to watch the "amount due" number on the screen climb and climb and climb, stopping at $493.51. When the cashier hit the subtotal button, the total started to drop as each item was individually discounted. It took a couple of minutes for all the discounts to be credited. The final total for the 124 items we bought was $199.20, including tax.

I'm just amazed we could get nearly $500 worth of merchandise in one standard-sized shopping cart.

The 21st and Memorial location is also going out of business, and I think there is one more, but I can't remember which one. If memory serves, these stores opened as Skaggs Alpha Beta some time around 1974.


Paul Tay said:

With all these grocery stores shutting down, we'll all be shoppin' Wal-Mart or sharecroppin'. My corn is 'bout ready. My neighbor, Jimmie, asked me 'bout 'em on his way to the firefighters' union hall. Just keep an eye on 'em and you and Station 23 gets first dibs on extras. Next year, I'll start earlier with a bigger plot of land. Anyone got strawberries to trade?

Spending a romantic evenin' cheapskatin' 'round town, eh? Son, sounds like yer been married way too LONG!

Sid said:

Could the other store be 51st and Memorial?

I wonder if Albertson's is closing those stores because of the building (like QT and Wal-mart no longer building the smaller stores). Or for lack of business?

Paul Tay said:

More like a lack of committment. I've noticed the Albertsons have really gone downhill lately. The first sign was they didn't even bother to clear the snow during the snow storms off their parking lots. Reasors were right on top of it. Second, the bathrooms are stinky and no one bothers to clean it. A big clue of whether an establishment really cares is how they take care of their bathrooms. Fiesta Marts will never measure up to QT, simply because of their crummy bathroom. Hey, QT, NEVER EVER change the way you do the bathrooms, unless you put a valet in there to hand out the warm towelletes. Third, Albertsons aren't taking care of the little things. You can get a wipe to wipe off the cart handles to keep from getting other peeps kooties at Reasors. Keep up the good work, Reasors. Boycott Wal-Mart.

Rob said:

It was originally Skaggs Albertson, then Skaggs Alpha Beta, and then just Albertsons. The name changes had something to do with the owners divorcing then one buying the other back out later. I think? But the names are correct. In the early 80's while in High School, I was a janitor at my church and a group of us would go to the 21st and Memorial store on Sunday mornings before church started and get breakfast at the little cafe they had there. Great Biscuits and Gravy

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