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Every election season, Oklahomans for Life asks candidates to go on record with their views on the sanctity of human life. Here's a link to a PDF file of the July 2006 Oklahomans for Life newsletter with all the candidate responses. It's interesting to see who responded and who didn't bother.

Even if an elective office won't have direct involvement in issues like abortion and euthanasia, it's useful to know where a candidate stands, because it gives you a clue about his worldview, his philosophical basis for making decisions.


Wow, Democrats aren't very good at filling out surveys, are they?

W. Author Profile Page said:

I see no philosophical consistency in a party that advocates an unneeded, destructive and horrendously expensive war that costs tens of thousands of lives, but proclaims to be pro-life. Preserving fetuses seems to be more important for some people than preserving the lives of adults and children.

Anne said:

You only have to watch someone suffer for weeks on end in the throws of death; grimacing and gasping for air, and convulsing and seizing till they finally die - to realize that death must be allowed to be a personal choice - not that of activists and politicians.

I am not talking about abortion and a fetus' inability to make an informed decision here. I am talking about one who is competent and able to make an informed decision about how they so choose to die when they are suffering great pain and death is inevitable.

Doesn't anybody see the irony in that there are lawyers out there who will fight for a criminals right to die a peaceful and painless death within three minutes time, and with nary a twitch - yet a good person suffering and dying from a painful terminal disease, can not choose to escape their own body's torturous "prison" in the same peaceful and painless manner as that criminal is allowed?

In some cultures it is considered the honorable thing to want to end one's own life when that persons feels that living has become like death itself and they feel a great burden to their loved ones. Death is not considered to be in the category of a divisive political issue, but rather a very personal choice and simply an honorable way to passage to a better after life.

We are so politically correct that we use the term "Hospice", but the reality is that "Hospice" is only a drug or two away from Euthanasia.

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