Rogers defeats Mo-Ghaddam

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In the battle for the 1st Congressional District Republican nomination, ORU librarian Evelyn Rogers defeated Fran Mo-Ghaddam by 5,824 to 1,894, despite Mo-Ghaddam's automated phone call to Republican voters and her last-minute yardsign blitz. Mo-Ghaddam didn't got 'em mo-mentum.

Incumbent John Sullivan squeaked past both of them with 38,274 votes.

For more results in the statewide, legislative, and judicial races, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board's 2006 primary results page.

KOTV has the best county results. Here is the County Commission District 1 primary. Here is the County Commission District 3 primary. (District Attorney and District Judge races are on the state election board website.)

UPDATE: The Tulsa County Election Board has Tulsa County results for all the races on the ballot. I'm fascinated by the number of undervotes in each race -- the number of voters who didn't mark a name in that race. 7,150 voters didn't vote in the countywide District Judge primary (Office 10). Oddly, 40 voters overvoted -- marked two or more names in that race.


Paul Tay said:

New Rule: Don't let extremist conservative dogma color yer endorsements. Your Williamson endorse was glaring.

Paul Tay said:

Whew! No Bird Poop. I hope Poop don't try to scam the City with dat cockamamie Wi-Max rip-off again. Good riddance.

david said:

We were dumbfounded at your endorsement for this district....thank goodness you got it wrong.
This state is running a 7 billion dollar a year business, and its being run by people who are paid by the government. Don't you think its about time to get some businessmen in there....who know how to run a "business"? Who know what paying payroll taxes is all about, and who know first hand about workers compensation, tort reform...etc...?
Bill Brown is definitely the right man for the job. He is a conservative, christian, pro-life Republican who has owned a business for over 30 years.
The last thing this district or our state needs is another government employee.
Congratulations to Bill Brown on winning the Republican nomination in District 36.

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