Meeting tonight: "How Do We Save Our Historic Resources?"

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If I weren't going to be making the rounds of watch parties this evening, I'd be going to this, which is worth your attention if you're concerned about protecting what's left of Tulsa's historic buildings and neighborhoods:

In lieu of a monthly meeting
The Coalition of Historic Neighborhoods
is please to announce
A Round Table Discussion

"How Do We Save Our Historic Resources:
Downtown and Our Neighborhoods"

Tuesday August 22, 2006
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Marquette School
15th and Quincy

Our Guest Presenters include:
Jamie Jamieson on Form Based Codes
Steve Novick on Neighborhood Stabilization
Amanda DeCort on Historic Preservation Overlay Zoning
Shawn Schaefer on Urban Planning

Sean Griffin will moderate

Have you ever asked this question?
Then you need to participate in this discussion.

Open to any and all.


Paul Tay said:

Whydon'tcha do Santa a fav by listing da watch parties? After trapizing all over town, hitting Rick's, Ember's, Santa finally found the Tim Watch Party, only after giving up, settlin' into Redneck Rickshaw, and pickin' up the location info on Fox23. Save Santa a little pedallin' tonight, willya?

Best way to find out watch party locations is to call the campaigns and ask. I expect most watch parties tonight will be held in homes and for campaign volunteers only, not big public events.

Paul Tay said:

Aaaaw, crap, Bates. Never mind. Santa wouldn't show at any party that would actually have him. Wouldn't be any fun. Toodaloooo, off to Night Trips tonight....again.

So... Santa's going to watch the presents unwrap themselves....

Paul Tay said:

Very good, Bates. By X-mas, you will have mastered the fine art of sound biting.

Paul Tay said:

Ya know once a gentleman experiences the wonderness of presents unwrappin' on their own, why bother with any other waterin' holes? Tulsa needs more such fine establishments of higher worship. Is it any wonder why I always grouse about changing the zoning code?

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