Slain in the bedspread

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Toddlers have these games and routines that they want to do over and over again -- "fly me like Superman," "hold me upside down," piggy back rides -- and the more you repeat them the more they giggle. Don Danz and his little son Drew have a game that is distinctly Tulsan. It's called "Heal me," and there's a very cute video of it on Don's site.

It reminds me of when my oldest was about two years old. We were looking at a shoe, and he was asking me the names of the parts of it. When I told him which part was the heel, he said, "Daddy heals it at church."

(On a completely different topic, Don also has some thoughts about former Judge Donald Thompson's conviction, along with a nice picture of the judge in an orange jumpsuit.)


susan said:

former president Bill Clinton took the same risk -- Bill Clinton knew he had lied on worldwide television as our "President" "leader" "someone the U.S. citizens are supposed to look up to for respect" but Bill Clinton failed the trust of the public and he felt no one would come up with the evidence against him --
and he lost when Monica presented the real evidence. Judge Thompson ended up with worldwide publicity of his actions on the
Drudge Report -- every radio personality on that website now was able to know about the misdeeds of the Oklahoma judge, D. Thompson. Probably ended up as a joke on D. Letterman or Saturday Night Live eventually.

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