Bleg: Tulsa stormwater drainage basin map?

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There's a map that shows the City of Tulsa divided into drainage basins, named after creeks that carry stormwater runoff to the rivers. It's interesting because it also illustrates where the city's ridges and high points are, such as the major divide between the part of the city that drains directly into the Arkansas River (via Crow, Joe, Haikey, Fred Creeks, among others) and the part that drains into the Verdigris (via Mingo, Bird, and Spunky Creeks, among others).

I've seen these maps at the State Fair and at neighborhood meetings, but I've never been able to find it online. Can anyone point me to a digital copy?


JD said:

Here's something.... perhaps this will help

The whole site is interesting..... even though it does seem to be a Susan Savage promotional.

Anne said:

Just curious - does anybody know if there is any regulation/control of carwash wastewater? For example, is it caught in a basin and properly disposed of? Does it drain to the river? Does it drain to water treatment facilities?

If the water is sent into the sewer system, it is treated at a sewer treatment plant.
If it goes into the storm system (which I would think is illegal), it goes directly to the river.

Michael, the city has an engineering atlas with digital images of the storm water system, etc. I'm not sure that such maps are public domain, though. I would contact the city's engineering department to see if such maps are available to the public.
I've seen many maps like this, and they are quite detailed.

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