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In acknowledging his own nomination for an Okie Blog Award, Ron of Route 66 News called attention to a worthy but overlooked Oklahoma-based blog:

Regrettably, I didnít find out about the nominating process until late, and forgot to do anything about it. If I had, I would have nominated my favorite Oklahoma-based blog, Yet Another Small Town Moment, which isnít one of the nominees.

The premise by OKDadís blog is this: ďMoving from Los Angeles to a small, rural town in Oklahoma has proven to be an interesting experience for my family and me.Ē His observations about the Sooner State are wry, affectionate and even touching.

This is how good of a blog it is: The first time I encountered it, I went to the archives and read every entry. I havenít done that with a blog before or since.

It is as good as all that. It's fascinating to see your home state through the eyes of someone who is experiencing it for the first time, the good and the bad alike, but mostly the good. Semi-regular features of the blog include comments on items in the small town's paper and the "Stay-at-Home-Dad Knowledge Base".

Worth a regular spot on your tour de blogosphere.


Paul Tay said:

Cycledog don't deserve the nom for the most unusual blog. That should have gone to PIMP. New category for next year: The Most Distasteful, Vile Blog of Ill-Repute. Sumbody nominate PIMP already!!!

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