"Channels" public hearing tonight

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You'll have a chance tonight to voice your opinions about "The Channels" to the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan Advisory Committee. Here's the press release:


Public Hearing for Arkansas River Channels Project to be held Oct. 3

The Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan Advisory Committee will host a public hearing to receive comments on the Arkansas River “Channels” project proposed by the Tulsa Stakeholders Inc (TSI).

The hearing will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., on Tuesday, Oct. 3, in the Auditorium in the North Hall Conference Center at the OSU Tulsa campus.

TSI will make a brief presentation on the “Channels” project at the beginning of the hearing. The primary purpose of the hearing is to elicit input from the public regarding the proposed Channels projects.

The Tulsa County Commissioners have asked the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan Advisory Committee to review the “Channels” project.

The Advisory Committee guided development of the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan, which has been recognized as part of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Comprehensive Plan and was adopted by the Tulsa Metropolitan Area Planning Commission, the Tulsa City Council, and the Tulsa County Board of Commissioners.


And here's a link to the Arkansas River Corridor Master Plan.

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Bob said:

Who would like to bet that tonight's 2 hour Public "Hearing" will be domininated by a lengthy presentation by the Channels promoters, followed by a brief Q & A session using their pre-selected shills salted in the audience tossing softball questions that the Channels promoters will easily field?

Any bets??

D.Schuttler said:

But if you support TU football and want Tulsa to show a good crowd on ESPN2 I guess you are left out.... Nice planning

Paul Tay said:

Santa in da HOUSE!!!!

Mike said:

I spent some of my late afternoon walking streets in SH District 78 with Jesse Guardiola, who I am working hard to help elect. We placed 7 new yards signs in less than two hours. Hopefully, for the first time in the 22 years we've lived in the same location, we will be rightfully represented in the State House.

After that, we enjoyed TU's football victory over Southern Miss.

I hope we can send the Channels project "up the river"!

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