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Found on the web:

Mayor Taylor was selected as one of 60 applicants — out of a field of 400 — to participate in a Joint Civilian Orientation Conference. During her trip, she will be attending briefings with senior defense officials to discuss national defense matters from a strategic perspective, and then travel to the Middle East to observe activities and operations of each branch of the military.

During her trip, she will send back regular reports of her experience.

And this helps address budget shortfalls, economic development, and violent crime in Tulsa how, exactly?

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julie said:

She was selected for this trip prior to even running for Mayor.

Jeff Shaw said:

Ah, c'mon Michael, let her be important for a while. These Budget short-thingys and eco-monic develop-doo-hickeys you talk of are but trifles in the grand scheme. Crime, Schmime!

Seriously, how do you get a gig like that, being Mayor of Tulsa? Maybe if she rubs elbows with enough of those people, Tulsa can finally get that B-52 contract. Or maybe we could get that old torpedo company opened back up. Or did they already tear the building down?

But, remember the old saying: while the cats away, the (channels) mice will play! :)

Bob said:

In order to position herself for a run against senior citizen GOP Incumbent Jim "No Global Warming" Inhofe, she needs to acquire at least a patina of foreign policy experience.

Then she will have the gavitas to kick our lame excuse for a Senator all the way back to his estate on Grand Lake where he can comtemplate the lake water level during his sunset years.

I expect that either Ms. Home Wrecker herself or her Sugar-Daddy Bill Lobeck pulled some strings to move her up from #400 to #1 on the alternate list, in order to attend the "Joint Civilian Orientation Conference".

Maybe she can get a in-person tour of the Combat Zone....

...IED's are EVERYWHERE......


DSchuttler said:

So she could deselect her self now that she is Mayor and has more important issues in front of her.

Paul Tay said:

Slow news day? Yep. Me too.

susan said:

I wonder what she can teach TULSA about economics and why, Julie, was she selected for this trip? Did her husband pay someone off?
She won the Mayor of Tulsa election by outrageous personal spending on herself to win.

Where are all the really big paying jobs she was going to bring to Tulsa that she was personally responsible for negotiating?

susan said:

Yep, and it's an election year. Julie, do you happen to have the donations she (and her rich husband) has made to Democrats running for political offices around the U.S. so she
can have favor to be chosen for things like the Middle East trip when she needs to be running the office of Tulsa Mayor. Is she taking that trip on business or personal leave?

S. Lee said:

You bumpkins just don't get it. It's all about image: The designer arena; a few hundred million bucks in the river (Oh c'mon, let's go for an even billion!); the well-traveled mayor. Any self-respecting hillbilly can tell you it don't matter if the roof leaks, and the toilet don't flush ... as long as you got the purty pickup truck with the dualies, and the chrome sideboards, and the naked lady mudflaps, and all on it.

the A Team said:

Now that there's funny, I don't care who ya are.

susan said:

The trip is for political self gain for herself. The only way she could have been chosen with what little qualifications she has is she is a big democratic donor to the people that are pulling the strings on that trip.
Who has the political contributions she and/or her rich husband Bill has made lately?

Who knows, maybe she will move back to Florida
since they are homeowners in both states and run for political office there if she can't win something more big time than Mayor of Tulsa. Whatever next office she can outspend and buy for herself.
Where do those raises she is giving out to make herself look Mayor friendly come from?
--Tulsa Taxpayers --

susan said:

I hope she is using her own personal finances to pay for the Middle East trip. From all of the top level senior defense officials to discuss national defense matters with K.Taylor on this group's site seeing trip -- political gain trip --no need to send any reports back except what she may want to write in Dear Diary--I looked important on this trip to my image --maybe she could demonstrate "fish noodling" -- at least that would be funny to see a divorced lady that married her 2nd husband with a pile of money try to catch a fish with her bare hands! No cheating Kathy and buying any catfish from Bodeans!

Do you honestly think Kathy Taylor is going to give any ideas since her experience in national defense is "zero" and Tulsa has a crime rate she is working on --that is when she decides it's convenient for her to work in Tulsa.
Don't forget education statistics in the Tulsa Public schools is sad. "Algebra Tulsa area school districts test score is "24" out of 100 possible. Biology is "39". ACT scores if they were actually taken by every senior in the Tulsa Public School system should make her cry.
State average Governor Henry should be crying on Algebra and Biology. What's Chemistry and Geometry--not available.
For those that aren't good in math since they graduated from Oklahoma public high schools Gov. Henry and Taylor(both democrats)are so excited lottery junkies pour their hard earned money usually down the drain by buying powerball tickets. Education transfers of $68,948,959 still have done nothing under Henry as GOVERNOR
to help the sad OKLAHOMA test scores. Students still go to school each day with teachers that go through the boring class routine that haven't had a spark of creativity in their teaching in years to try news ways to get those OKLAHOMA students something to come home and brag to their parents how inspired their teacher made them actually understand that day on hard to learn subjects-- has not happened under Governor Henry's term.
Democrats like Kathy Taylor -- INCOG says the Channels stakeholders were told Thursday they need to reveal ALL the details of their river proposal. We would have hoped she would have thought of that first!

pinky said:

unfortunately - her travelling internationally and as the mayor of tulsa really does little for the city's reputation. hard and unpolished.

Stephen Johnis said:

I would like to know what this trip did for us here in Tulsa to improve the jobs and payroll? I've been working for the same company for 6 years, only one raise, and I'm hearing that there are companies coming into Tulsa, and it's because of our low wages here. I'm now looking at getting out of Tulsa all together.
Her trip will make our crime decline in Tulsa? Interesting, wonder how that's going to work.
How about our roads; have you gone by the new, very large Wal Marts on Memorial lately? Just sit back and watch the cars, and there are a lot of them.
And with all this, how about them taxes? Watch them go up and up and up...
People are going to start leaving Tulsa unless something happens to bring the crime down, build better roads and bridges, bring in better companies that will pay a higher wage.
I've been here since '89, and am seriously looking at other states to move to; me and my family.
So a message for Ms. Taylor; get a grip! or you'll loose it quickly.

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