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Urban Tulsa Weekly has a bright and shiny new website!

All the links in my archive category are now broken! But it's worth it! (And they'll be easy enough to fix -- it will just take time.)

(There's a really simple forwarding trick they could do to fix all the broken links on the server side.)

Here's this week's column, part 6 in the series dealing with The Channels proposal, this week asking about the best way to create a more pedestrian-friendly city, learning a lesson from the success of a waterfront development in Florida.


Paul Tay said:

When was the last time I pondered the implications of Seaside, FL in a professional setting, poring over site plans? 1993. Now, it's nothing more than Shangri-La, another pie-in-the-sky. Whenever I feel the need to gravitate to pedestrian-friendly environs, I simply bike over to the mall, order up a Subway, and read UTW in peace and quiet amongst the proles, while sippin' a 5 dolla cup of 8 oz. chai latte. I used to go to Disneyland for the complete pedestrian-friendly treatment. But, it got real expensive real quick. Funny how in America, one must pay dearly for the walking culture. In poor third-rate, third-world ruled by insecure, heavy-handed despots masquerading as benign royalty, you know who you are, pedestrianism is FREE.

Twatch said:

Santa has it right.
Is the real motivation for walkable communities a deep abiding concern for the over weight condition of Americans or is there something else going on here? The desire for walkable neighborhoods is not self evident, please lay out why such a massive realignment and investment is the only way to lose weight? I like my car; it gives me independence, range and economic power from the benign and monopolistic royalty.

Good article Michael.

I wanted to comment, however, on UTW's new site. Looks really fantastic.
I especially liked the link in the left sidebar entitled "Issue PDF". The entire shebang in one pdf file. Can't beat that.
I registered as a member, but I'm not exactly sure yet what I can actually do with that membership. :)

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