Jackereed away

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Chris Medlock has been looking at Mayor Kathy Taylor's sudden and unexplained suspension of City Attorney Alan Jackere and his deputy Larry Simmons, and sees a connection with Taylor's push for changes in civil service policies and a renewed push to get the Bixby-Jenks bridge built.

I'm no fan of Jackere's, and I was inclined to agree with Councilor John Eagleton's speculation (heard on KOTV tonight) that the suspension was connected with Jackere's handling of the wrongful prosecution lawsuit of Arvin McGee, but there's a lot to ponder in what Medlock has to say.

In that same entry, you'll get an intro to Nancy Jane Siegel, currently an adviser in the Mayor's office, and very possibly the next City Attorney.

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Paul Tay said:

Mommy NEEDS the bridge deal to close soon. No matter what happens, she's gonna come out smelling like roses for the CD1 run, if she is seen as FOR the Yale alignment. It doesn't matter if she breaks a campaign pledge.

I say in '10 Sully will be very vulnerable, with Pelosipolooza on a roll and conservative becomes a four-letter word.

To the average voter, STCC's influence doesn't extend any further north than 98th Street. If it ain't in da 'hood, my neighbors don't really care one way or the other.

If emergency access is a REAL issue for Vreeland, just build access only for pedestrians and bicyclists, and emergencies, NOT normal motorized traffic.

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