My election day cheat sheet

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For my own reference (and yours as well, if you like), a little cheat sheet to help me keep all the races straight.

The front side of the ballot varies from precinct to precinct. If you live in Tulsa County, this page has links to an image of each precinct's ballot. Here's the front side of my precinct's ballot. After each category name, you'll find a link to an earlier entry where I wrote about the race in detail:

State Officers (details and rationale):

Governor: Ernest Istook, Republican
Lieutenant Governor: Todd Hiett, Republican
State Auditor and Inspector: Gary Jones, Republican
Attorney General: James Dunn, Republican
State Treasurer: Howard Barnett, Republican
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Bill Crozier, Republican
Commissioner of Labor: Brenda Reneau, Republican
Insurance Commissioner: Bill Case, Republican
Corporation Commissioner: Bob Anthony, Republican (details here)

Congressional Officers (details and rationale):

U.S. Representative, District 1: John Sullivan, Republican

Judicial Officers (details and rationale, links to candidate websites):

District Judge, District 14, Office No. 1: Cliff Smith
District Judge, District 14, Office No. 10: Deirdre Dexter
District Judge, District 14, Office No. 13: Jonathan M. Sutton
Associate District Judge, Tulsa County: Dana Kuehn

(Although I won't get to vote for them, I would vote, if I could, for P. Thomas Thornbrugh and James M. Caputo.)

Legislative, District, & County Officers (details and rationale):

State Representative District No. 78: Jesse Guardiola, Republican
County Assessor: Ken Yazel, Republican

If I lived in County Commission District 1, I would vote for John Smaligo.

Because control of the State House and State Senate is so important, I recommend voting Republican wherever you live, but I especially urge the re-election of Mark Liotta (HD 77), Sue Tibbs (HD 23), John Trebilcock (HD 98), and Randy Brogdon (SD 34). I also urge you to elect Mark Wofford (SD 18) over his opponent, who prefers her much nicer house outside the district to the company of the people she claims to represent.

The back side of the ballot is the same everywhere in the state. Here's a PDF sample ballot.

Read my UTW column for my rationale for voting against retention for several judges. Following each name, I list the party shown on the judge's voter registration record as of the filing period, age as of election day, city of residence according to the voter record, appointing governor, and, where I can find it, year of appointment.

Justices of the Oklahoma Supreme Court:

Steven W. Taylor (D, 57, McAlester, Henry, 2004): NO
Marian P. Opala (D, 85, Oklahoma City, Boren, 1978): YES
Yvonne Kauger (D, 69, Colony, Nigh, 1984): NO
Tom Colbert (D, 57, Tulsa, Henry, 2004): NO
James E. Edmondson (D, Muskogee, Henry, 2003): NO

Judges of the Court of Criminal Appeals:

Arlene Johnson (R, 71, Norman, Henry, 2005): NO
David B. Lewis (R, 48, Lawton, Henry, 2005): ?

Judges of the Court of Civil Appeals:

Jane P. Wiseman (D, 59, Tulsa, Henry): NO
Doug Gabbard II (D, 54, Atoka, Henry): ?
Kenneth L. Buettner (R, 56, Edmond, Walters): ?
Robert Dick Bell (D, 39, Oklahoma City, Henry): ?
E. Bay Mitchell III (R, 53, Enid, Keating): YES (He's not for sale to the highest bidder!)
Carol Hansen (D, 77, Oklahoma City, Nigh): ?

State Questions (click here for details and rationale):

SQ 724: YES
SQ 725: NO
SQ 733: YES
SQ 734: YES

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brocksamson said:

Thank you Mr. Bates. It takes, I'm certain, considerable amount of time and effort to get this sort of guide together and I appreciate it.

Howard Barnett, however, ran a sleazy primary and the fact that he advocates at-large council districts is simply the final, fatal straw for me.

RecycleMichael said:

You endorsed every republican and no democrats?

I am shocked!

If a man of Robert Butkin's character and caliber were running on the Democratic ticket, it would be a different story.

Which Republicans are you endorsing, Mr. Patton?

W. Author Profile Page said:

Yet you have no rationale for your endorsement of Bill Crozier for the state education post.

And I can see why: It's hard to rationalize a candidate who advocates the highly dubious notion of putting Kevlar on old schoolbooks to be used as shields during the unlikely event of school shootings. That's hardly what I call a high-priority need for public education.

Apparently, Michael, you have developed an amazing tolerancy for lunacy and the absurd.

A little advice: If you have a candidate who doesn't match your party leanings and the other who's a looney-tune, simply mark the post as "no endorsement." Your credibility won't suffer as much that way.

W., despite our differences on some issues I try to treat you cordially and with respect, but your impolite and condescending tone towards me here and elsewhere makes that difficult. You should have stopped after the second paragraph.

Yes, I overlooked the State Superintendent's race when I typed up my "Quick Picks" post. I had hoped to write about each race in detail over the course of a couple of weeks, but I simply ran out of time, and trying to put it all together in the wee hours, I missed one.

Sandy Garrett has continued our public schools' enslavement to educational fads. She should have been turned out long ago, and nearly was in 1994.

I listened to the OETA interview with both candidates and was fairly impressed with Crozier. He is an Oklahoma City schoolteacher. He was a district supervisor for the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

The media has focused on the Kevlar textbook idea, but when he explains it, it makes some sense, as part of training teachers and students how they should respond if they find themselves in the midst of school shooting situation.

One pleasant surprise: He supports early foreign language education.

W. Author Profile Page said:

Whether my tone is condescending or impolite is your opinion. The indisputable fact remains that Mr. Crozier became a laughingstock in a multistate area for his preposterous idea. Our state officials need much more credibility than this.

And, frankly, I can think of much more useful ways to use taxpayer money than to coat textbooks with Kevlar.

If you can overlook such silliness, more power to you -- if any power can be gained.

RecycleMichael said:

I voted for a republican for state senate and a republican for corporation commissioner.

I thought they were the better candidates, regardless of party.

When you endorse all republicans all the time, it shows that you aren't giving it the critical thought that you are capable of.

W. Author Profile Page said:

Just to follow up on a thread Recyclemichael is continuing, I too also voted for a handful of GOP candidates for the same reasons as his.

I also concur with his assessment of straight-party endorsements. It's myopic thinking.

David Einstein said:

Only sheep vote straight-party.

pinky said:

i just don't vote for - lawyers. must have been a freudian slip.

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