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For some reason, the results of Tuesday's election have increased the amount of chatter in support of a Newt Gingrich run for the presidency in 2008.

Newt Gingrich is a brilliant thinker. He deserves credit for helping to get the House majority for the Republican Party in 1994. But he wasn't an effective Speaker.

And there's this: He trades in an old wife for a newer model as often as some folks trade in their cars. Call me a fuddy-duddy, but I think that may indicate a character flaw that will cause some problems for a Gingrich presidential campaign and administration.

There may be a more effective place for Mr. Newt to serve.


Honestly "J" said:

I like Newt, too, but he's got too much baggage.

Could there be room for redemption?

I look forward to learning more about Tancredo. He's tough on the immigration issue.

I saw the interview that day...very impressive!

pgcfriend said:

I'm with you Mike. To many people what a person does in their private life has nothing to do with how they are on the job, in government, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is indeed redemption or else none of us would be anywhere in authority. However if there is a pattern of not being faithful in a person's life that tendency usually carried over into other areas of life in time if they do not want to stick with something.

I must admit I have no patience with people that switch spouses like I change my shoes every day. I don't care what politican party they are a part of, religious affiliation and the like. Being flippant about marriage vows is something that I find dreadful. I would be hard pressed to vote for someone that has traded in a wife for a Barbie wife. At this point unless they are the best choices Newt and Rudy will never get my vote. I want a president that is faithful to their spouse. A good marriage makes it easier for a person to make the right choices under stress. We do not need a president with drama in their lives.

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