Brownback in prison

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World Magazine is starting a series of profiles of potential presidential candidates and first up is Republican Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas. World editor Marvin Olasky recently spent the night in Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana with Brownback.

Brownback was on my list of possibles, but I think he just dropped off. He appears to be mushy on Iraq, on the death penalty, on illegal immigration. He may have been trying to come across as thoughtful, but he came across as muddle-headed instead. He's even muddled on theology -- he converted from evangelicalism to Roman Catholicism, but he still attends an evangelical church with the rest of his family, who apparently did not join him in his conversion.

We don't need a firebreather as the Republican nominee, but we do need someone who isn't blown to and fro by every breeze.

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Dan Paden said:

Oh, I don't know. Anybody who would really make a good president--a la Ronaldus Magnus--will be cast as a "fire-breather" anyway. Might as well just go with it.

G Webster Wormleigh said:

Hmmm....I didn't know that there was such a denomination as Evangelicanism. And, there's nothing wrong with a Catholic going with anyone to a Protestant church service. But, Sam B is not way up on my list, either; but for several other reasons.

W. Author Profile Page said:

I'll take muddleheaded over stupid rigidity any day.

Not that it matters -- Brownback's chances of winning the GOP nomination are as high as Dennis Kucinich winning the Democrats'.

G Webster Wormleigh said:

Or Paul Tay being elected Mayor of Tulsa, or any other town, for that matter!

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