I am the only one on our street...

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... who believes the garbage truck is coming tomorrow morning. No one else has put out their trash cans.

School will be out again in and around Tulsa for the fourth day in a row, not counting the early dismissal Friday. Although the arterial streets in Tulsa have at least one clear lane, turn lanes and outside lines still have refrozen slush atop solid ice. I dared to take the Broken Arrow expressway this morning and found that what had been a clear lane for almost a mile suddenly wasn't, right on the bend just west of the I-44 interchange.

Side streets and parking lots are still nasty. There is no plowing through an inch of ice. Someone tried to use a front end loader to clear part of our lot on Tuesday, and the best they could do was scrape a bit off the top. They put some sand down, so it's not as much of an ice rink, but I still need my ice cleats to walk on it. (I thought they were silly when my wife bought them, but they sure have come in handy this week.) The traction control system and anti-lock braking system in our minivan has worked like a champ.

The kids have enjoyed their unexpected vacation and have spent some time sledding on the ice. They even tried to get on our goldfish pond, which is only partially frozen over, but Mom caught them before the ice began to crack. (And yes, I told them about the little girl that the fire department had to rescue because she walked out on the ice over a creek. Evidently the lesson didn't sink in.)

We had a short burst of flurries today, and more snow is expected over the weekend.

UPDATE in response to questions: My cleats are Weissenfels Snow Spikes, but it appears that Weissenfels no longer makes traction products for anything as small as a foot.

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Bob said:

I wish someone would tell me where to BUY some ice cleats for my casual shoes.

I've nearly upended on a couple of parking lots!

GOLF SHOES get good traction, but I don't own a set.

Shadow6 said:

On my street we get pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays. The folks on my block dutifully put out our trash Tuesday, and the trucks did not come. I called the city Tuesday afternoon, and a nice lady told me that people who get weekly pickup were going to get an extra day of pickup in the future. For those of us who get twice a week pickup, she told me not to worry, that Friday we were going to get a DOUBLE pickup. When I asked her what that meant, she started mumbling incoherently.

So, if you don't get garbage service Friday, fear not, the city will probably arrange a triple pickup next week.

Double pickup means you can leave out twice the permitted amount of trash, and they will pick it all up. Of course that doesn't help you with storing twice as much trash as usual until the next pickup. We have Monday and Thursday pickups, so we miss a bunch of pickups every year, between Monday holidays and Thanksgiving.

By the way, my faith was rewarded. The trash was indeed picked up.

Bob, I think mine came from the Lillian Vernon catalog a long time ago. You might try an army surplus store. Googling "ice cleats" turns up a lot of online options.

Bob said:

Thanks for the info, but I needed the Ice Cleats YESTERDAY!

I have just sold out of all weissenfels ice cleats on my web site. I have offered these for 9 months....at $4.00 a pair. compare to $20.00 a pair anywhere else. I constantly acquire discontinued merchandise and offer it at unbelievable prices on my web site. Keep checking in on me.

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