Nelson's neon

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A photo by David Moos of Nelson's Buffeteria's beautiful neon sign, when it still hung on Boston Ave. Click the image to see the full-size version.


I'll have a chicken fry, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, a roll, and a slice of chocolate pie, please. Remember how they'd ladle cream gravy on the plate, put a chicken fried steak on top of it, then ladle more gravy on top?

Question for discussion: With Nelson's gone, what's the best place in Tulsa for chicken fried steak?

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Tyson Wynn said:

This can't be in the running, since it's technically Claremore, but if you have not had a pamper-fried chicken fried steak from the Hammett House, you are missing out!

As for Tulsa proper, I had a very good chicken fried steak at The Corner Cafe, 1103 S Peoria Ave, the other day. They have even separated their smoking and non-smoking sections, so smokers can still have their after-dinner drag there, too (if you're into that kinda thing).

I will forever miss Nelson's. Nothing like that place, and you better know what you want when you get to the head of the line or they will move you to the side and let folks come ahead of you till you make up your mind. There were many years of skill in those guys who used to sling that food. A spoon full of mashed potatoes would meet a restaurant-ware plate in mid-air. Speed was of the essence. If you never saw it, there really is no way to describe it properly. I miss Nelson's a lot.

recyclemichael said:

Goldie's has a chicken fried steak.

The Steakfinger house at 4th and Boulder has a chicken fried steak sandwich.

The city hall cafeteria has a chicken fried steak on it's menu each day (probably against the wishes of the Mayor).

Freddie's has a chicken fried steak.

Caz's on Brady has a chicken fried steak.

Of all these, Caz's is probably the best, but they all pale in comparison to Nelson's.

coleman david said:

what ever happened to that sign?

G Webster Wormleigh said:

Well, it's gone now, but Louisianne, at 18th and Boston, remember, had the best ever chicken fried steak. And it was better in some ways because it was served in a very upscale restaurant. And Thomas Restaurant in Pryor had a good one, too. But these are reminiscences, and I must say that I haven't had a good one in Tulsa in a long time. I mean, the East Side Cafe is closed now!

Paul Uttinger said:

Great photo with the sign in color set off from the building in gray tones. I miss that neon glowing on Boston Avenue and the greasy food.

Easy bonus question: Who designed the building itself?

scott said:

The Full Cup Cafe just west of the corner of 31st and Yale has a good chicken fry.

The East Side Cafe was another great source for chicken fry. I'll have to try Caz's Chowhouse. And I'm ashamed to admit it, but in all my years of traveling through Claremore, I've never eaten at the Hammett House, but I've always wanted to. (As kids, we'd drive past it on the way to Nowata, and we were always amused by the "Come As You Are" sign. "What if you were naked? (giggle) Could you still come as you are?")

The sign, I think is in the possession of ypTulsa; the group had planned to try to reopen Nelson's somewhere downtown.

coleman david said:

the building was designed by bruce goff.

The A team said:

Bros. Houligan! Yum!

They serve a mean Long Island iced tea there, too!

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