Banned in China!

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According to a real-time test performed through the website, BatesLine is blocked from viewing in China by the Communist government. I'm in good company: So are,, Drudge Report, Instapundit, Harvard, Princeton, the BBC, the New York Times, myspace, CNN, and the White House, among many others.

(CORRECTED -- I had .com instead of .org, which is what I get for looking at a website on one computer and blogging about it on another one.)

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See-Dubya said: do I check? I didn't see any way to run the test at that site.

That's because I messed up on the URL -- it's .org, not .com.

And it appears that the ChiComs are cool with

Paul Tay said:

Some Chinese IP once slammed PIMP something like 387 times in one day. What do you suppose that was all about?

Paul, maybe it was someone who REALLY likes that video you used to have posted -- "As Long As You Love Me," wasn't it?

Heck, maybe it was the guys in the video!

Paul Tay said:

No, Bates, I don't think so. Those Backstreet boyz have been on Pimp for a long time, way before the big IP hit. I think it might have something to do with the post about Taiwan SECCESSION.

They REALLY hate that.

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