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As part of the process of complying with the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (2006) by the required date of January 2008, the anti-pork-barrel-spending bill championed by Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn, the federal Office of Management and Budget has set up a website called federalspending.gov. This site doesn't yet have the promised spending information available, but it does have the implementation timeline, a set of FAQs on the requirements of the law, aimed at both users of the information and the agencies who will have to report the information, and a place to collect comments on how best to make the database useful to the public. There are also links to existing websites with information on Federal spending.

The site makes mention of a pilot program for reporting subgrants and subcontracts. Hopefully, this would include things like recipients of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds -- a city or county government is the direct recipient of the grant from the Federal Government, but it would be interesting to see whether controversial organizations are receiving CDBG money as subgrants.

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Charles W. Hundley said:

I would approve of this type of web site for the tax payers of this country so they might see where there tax dollars are going. Our government officals should be working for the common good of this country, not for a chosen few. Maybe we are sending to much money to Washington and not keeping enough in our own states so that our local politicions can see if these things will fly with our voters. I approve 100% for this web site and wish I had sentors like Senetor Coburn in my state.

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