Gingrich: "a manifestation of his overinflated sense of self"

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On a Dean Barnett entry about Newt Gingrich's "creepy" televised confession of adultery to James Dobson, a commenter called GenXDad nails it:

It's not Newt's infidelity in and of itself that bothers me, it's his self-centeredness and egotism that bothers me. His infidelities are a manifestation of his overinflated sense of self. In that respect, I dislike Newt the man for the same reasons I dislike Bill Clinton the man.

Anyone else remember Gingrich's public complaint about being forced to ride in the back of Air Force One. Which was worse: That he was genuinely bothered by such a minor slight, or that he felt it was appropriate to complain about it publicly?

Related to that: Here's an interesting piece from Vanity Fair in 1989, capturing Gingrich at an interesting moment. He has risen to the House leadership, he has gained national attention for his attacks on the ethics of Speaker Jim Wright, and you can begin to see the arc of the next five years, leading to the Contract with America and the Republican majority in the U. S. House.

Gingrich is an interesting thinker and strategist, and I admire the groundwork he laid in making Republicans competitive in the House of Representatives. I just don't want him to represent the Republican Party in next year's election.

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Jeff Shaw Author Profile Page said:

He's a smart guy, very bright. He just flat blew it. If I can't accept Clinton's infidelity, I can't accept Gingrich's. It ain't his ego in my book. I can forgive him for it, but the consequences are that we can't have that in office. I want the best and the brightest in everything, including character.

Twatch said:

Newt is an idea man that gets impatient with a necessarily slow pace of implementation and becomes the initiatives biggest obstacle. Newt has too many Globalist's ideas for me.

Mike said:

Newt is an excellent policy wonk, but not Presidential material, in my opinion. His infidelity just serves to confirm my initial skepticism about him.

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