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Congratulations to fellow Tulsa blogger Steven Roemerman on his confirmation as a member of the City of Tulsa Sales Tax Overview Committee. It's a sign of his manifest intelligence and civic-mindedness that he was nominated by the man whose election he tried to prevent. Roemerman was a fervent supporter of former Councilor Jim Mautino, who was defeated for re-election by Dennis Troyer.

The Sales Tax Overview Committee monitors the spending of the "third-penny" sales tax fund for compliance with the list of projects promised to the voters. I know that Steven will be a diligent watchdog, and he should have some interesting insights into city finances to share with us on his blog.

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Max Taxed said:

I think the property tax division needs an overview committee as well. What are they doing with all our money?

Why the heck are property taxes so high and climbing in Tulsa?

I think Mr. Roemerman will be a great watch dog too. We need more citizen watch dogs to keep our politicians honest.

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