Fire district tax bill defeated

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A bill that would have enabled cities to establish fire districts and levy property taxes in those districts was narrowly defeated in the Oklahoma House, killing it for two years.

A floor version of SB 605 (link opens Rich Text Format file) which omitted the most objectionable features of the bill, but it was assumed that these would be readded by a conference committee before final approval.

The debate against the bill was led by Oklahoma City Reps. Mike Reynolds and Randy Terrill and Tulsa Reps. Pam Peterson and John Wright. The Tulsa Metro Chamber was lobbying heavily in favor of the bill.

It will be interesting to see how Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor responds to the failure of this bill. She had been planning to go after this source of revenue. For example, now that it's off the table, will she be more likely to sign the fairgrounds annexation ordinance, because it would mean additional revenue for the City.

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XonOFF said:

She pulled the budget from Thursday's Council agenda.

Must have upset things pretty dramatically.
I'd suspect so. She's been doing all she can to increase taxes (er, 'revenues') on all of us in every way imaginable. This probably messes her plans up in a big way. Has to put the Fire Dept back into the budget (where it belongs).

XonOFF said:

The more I think about this, it is really very welcomed news!

Appears state legislators have respect for the reasons things were originally set up. Obviously, our local leaders (Mayor, Chamber, et al) do not, and have been bent on finding ways to increase taxes in every way possible, even those heretofore illegal.

Paul Tay said:

50 clams she skates.

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