Roemerman on bridge meeting

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Steve Roemerman has a report on Tuesday night's meeting of the South Tulsa Citizens' Coalition. Steve also sent an e-mail to Mayor Taylor about her position on the bridge and has posted her reply, in which she says, "I am asking the experts for recommendations on the best way to finance the bridge and for the best recommendation as to its placement." So which experts is she asking?

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second amendment said:

KJRH Channel 2 is conducting a flash poll asking if a toll bridge is needed in South Tulsa right now. Please vote at if you would like to voice your opinion.

David said:

"So which experts is she asking?"

I think she heard that the folks down at IVI have some "experience" with bridges...

Roy said:

When politics rather than the free market decides non military spending, usually two results follow: 1) (hidden) corruption; 2) unintended consequences. (I will agree in advance that the same results follow with military spending, too. Don't think of my reasoning as proving I'm blind. Think instead that I'm suggesting limits on gov't to only that which is necessary....)

Thus I find a distinct parallel between bridges and butter. (Say, what?) Well, we see locally with the bridge discussion what we see nationally with gov't farm subsidies. Subsidize corn (and ADM) and get more pop (aka liquid corn in a form other than liquor)and get less fruits and veggies. Reminds me of my teasing an oilman friend (Kim fyi, Mike) about all the ADM railroad tank cars I saw on a recent trip to Nebraska, a trip in which hi test gasoline (with methonal) was cheaper than regular.

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