Waiting for Mr. Right (Wing)

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In today's edition of American Spectator Online, there's a piece by me, trying to explain to a national audience what Republican activists in one of the reddest red states were saying at last Saturday's convention about the 2008 presidential race and what Sen. Jim Inhofe is doing to motivate his base of supporters.

I'll be writing one more piece on the convention (I promise, Jason and Michelle!) for GetRightOK, a new online community for Oklahoma conservatives. It'll mainly be some personal reflections on the races for state chairman and vice chairman. (It's next in the queue.)

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susan said:

Everyone should read the new book "The Clinton
crack up" and now we can see another reason why Hillary Clinton should not be elected.

Michelle said:

We are waiting very patiently, we assure you. It just better be brilliant. ;)

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