Most incompetent criminals

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From this morning's Tulsa Police Department activity report (emphasis added):

At 0543 hours on 05-17-07 an armed robbery occurred at the Kum N Go at 11268 E. 71st Street. A white male with a handgun and a black male entered the store and robbed the store attendant; they then fled with the cash. The suspects left in a brown older Chevrolet. Officer B. Disney spotted a vehicle matching that description heading west on 81st from Garnett.

A traffic stop was initiated at 6600 S. Mingo Rd. The driver was Reginald Simienand
and in the back seat was Allen Mcghe and Preston Williams. All three suspects were
taken into custody. On the back seat was all the cash from the robbery and on the
passenger floor was a handgun. Two of the suspects were positively identified as the
two individuals who entered the store. One suspect had a DOC monitor ankle bracelet
on, which should provide GPS location and time.
All three suspects were booked for
Armed Robbery with a firearm.

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DavidS said:

I heard that one last night and wondered who is making the desicion of who to let out of jail early even with the bracelet.

sbtulsa said:

if i was the sentencing judge, I would put all three in a cell together for five years. everyday they would wake up, look across the floor and see:
1) the idiot brother larry that wore the bracelet
2) the idiot brother darrell that did not notice larry had the bracelet on
3) the other idiot brother darrell that did not ask larry if he was wearing his bracelet

while i do realize these guys may not have been brothers, unless they were completely unknown to each other before the crime, it seems good to organize before the robbery. they deserve their place in the pantheon of gangs that couldn't shoot straight.

Ibtulsa said:

If the community where to be more aware every time a robber was caught and a big deal where made of it, maybe people would realize that if they rob a store, they will be caught.

I love you comment sbtulsa

Paul Tay said:

Duh. I don't get it. Where da beef at?

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