Spring sing

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Last night we had an exceptionally noisy collection of creatures around our backyard pond. It has long been a popular gathering spot for American toads, but over the last three years it's started to attract tree frogs as well. We think there were at least four tree frogs at the pond last night, and at least a dozen toads. We discovered the frogs' favorite hiding places: They get a grip on the pond lining under the flat rocks that overhang the edge of the pond.

Pictures to come later, but for now, here's a 665 KB MP3 file of the toads and frogs singing. Better turn your volume down.

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Jeff Shaw said:

Where are you, Bayou Courtableu or the Amazon? I thought you lived in Tulsa? That would be a good background for a Jerry Clower joke. :-)

mad okie Author Profile Page said:

They really put on a concert for us last night as well, we have a creek that runs about 100 ft from the house... It was music to my ears :D

sbtulsa said:

makes me yearn for a house with the old fashioned "sleeping porch". its the most restful environment you can have.

DavidS said:

Isn't it nice! We've been enjoying the past month. You can almost forget you're in the middle of a city.

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