Altarnet Film Society -- love is the theme

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The Altarnet Film Society presents a monthly program of independent short-subject films at Agora coffee house in the Fontana Center at 51st & Memorial here in Tulsa. (Agora is northeast of the Center Fountain.) The films are presented in an environment that encourages discussion and interaction.

Here are the details and synopses of the films to be presented this Saturday night, June 23, starting at 7:30 p.m.:

"Wentworth," drama, 16:41, directed by R. Stephen Suettinger: How do you choose between the girl of your dreams and the girl in your dreams?

"She," experimental, 1:00, directed by Jimmy Calhoun: A 60 second monologue that tells how one man's love for a woman affects his spiritual journey.

"20 Minutes," drama, 20:00, directed by Monica Huntington. "Twenty Minutes" is an eternal love story with a super-natural twist. "Sometimes forever is just a few minutes."

"Mutual Love Life," comedy, 10:49, directed by Robert Peters. If only we could have breakup insurance that would help us recover from a crushed heart, we would have no fear of jumping into love.

Just another example of the opportunities Tulsa offers for intelligent and fun interaction.

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Roy said:

Why waste hours of one's time when such short flicks capture all the elements of the long flicks?

Joking aside, some of these films are definitely worth seeing.

My favorite remains one done by an OSU(iirc)student: Bambi meets Godzilla. The opening scene has young Bambi grazing in a butterfly annointed meadow. This pastoral scene provides background for the opening credits. Same guy's name for writer, editor, storyboard, cartooning, sound, the complete list. As the opening credits end, an ominous shadow comes over the scene. It falls from a descending giant foot. That foot effectively squooshes Bambi. At which point all is existentially said and end credits display. Running time under a minute. Available, at least it was a few years ago, at my neighbohood video rental store.

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