An imagined conversation 50 years ago today

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"You know, there really ought to be a drain at the bottom of this thing, just in case any water gets in."

"Whaddya mean, in case any water gets in? It's a pool liner, it's designed to keep water on one side. And we're sealing it in an airtight plastic bag -- space age technology. Anyway, it's too late to change anything even if we wanted to."

"You're right. And it's not like we're going to be around in 50 years when they pull it out of the ground."

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profligatewaste said:

Boy, isn't that the truth! Those (relatively few) of us who have basements in Tulsa are not surprised at the outcome. Your comment about the space-age technology is right on the mark; that was a period of we-can-do-no-wrong confidence. This was an embarrassing lesson in civil engineering fundamentals.

sbtulsa said:

all that space age tech and a ziplock bag would ahve solved the problem.

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