"Solving" the homeless problem

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You know the story that ran on the front page Sunday's Whirled about how Mayor Kathy Taylor is going to solve downtown Tulsa's problem with vagrants?

Urban Tulsa Weekly's Brian Ervin had that story two weeks ago, and he included the significant detail that the downtown YMCA's residence is going to be forced to close in 2010 because of expensive new city fire sprinkler regulations, eliminating 300 single-room occupancy spaces.

Just sayin'.

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Bob said:

How clever of the City of Tulsa!

Use the FIRE CODE to create an enormously expensive unfunded mandate - SPRINKLERS, which CREATES an even worse artificial shortage of affordable, low-cost downtown housing for our city's downtrodden & homeless citizenry!

Then, come up with a idea to create 600 housing units for the self-same homeless.

How brilliant!

Oh, and at what cost?? And, who pays?

We probably already know the answer to the last question!

Roy said:

Maybe the Y space could better serve as a parking lot. For the upcoming commute between city gov't buildings....

sbtulsa said:

premise - taylor won't run for re-election

1) not saying she couldn't get re-elected but she has higher aspirations
2) if she did run, she would have to stand on her record of keeping campaign promises. that is something she will not want to do
3) a second term would mean she has to take ownership of the problems she failed solve (crime rate, street quality, illegal immigration etc.) as well as the ones she created (chiefly how she deals with public issues out the sight of the public and how she interacts with the city council)

at this point in time, she couldn't care less about what happens in 2008, let alone 2010. she is just scurrying to address the current days fire and try to build a record she can run away from Tulsa on. And that in itself is a problem that belongs in bullet 3).

Paul Tay said:

Ratz. Santa's gotta find a new crash pad Downtown after late night drunken drag-outs.

sbtulsa said:

This country is facing a crisis that can actually fly under the radar because the problem is a graduall one and has a component of apathy.

The above short treatise describes a faulty, vacuous solution to a Tulsa problem. The more mayor taylor trumpets her "solution" as an example of her comptetance, the more voters see through the Taykor trumpeting and discover what it really is, which is a non solution spun as an substantive idea.

Changing the "homeless'" place of residence does not solve anything. If mayor taylor were truly creative, she would look in to why and where the DayCenter for the Homeless does not provide the needed help for the homeless population. She should create a public private partnership to get people sheltered, fed, and on the road back in to society. She would form a task force to study alternatives and recommend action. Then she would take ownership of the recommendation she feels best and use her influence to execute it. Noice the above words are full of taylor buzz phrases. I don't know if she in fact did any of the above. i do know that her solution was shallow and far from effective.

That is exactly the image government of any form has in today's United States. Either too big to respond quickly, or inadequate resouces to respond effectively. Or worse, both. More and more people are taking the approach that government doesn't work. Couple that with the segment of the population that believes that government should do more and more for us, and the fact that government in America is deep, deep in debt and you have a collision that creates a majority of discouraged, tuned out voters.

Every time a politician spouts about their accomplishments in a campaign, the electorate thinks "yeah, right". Every time a candidate a campaigns entirely on candidate b's failings and not his or her solutions, the electorate thinks "but what will candidate a do affirmatively?". the lack of real public debate leaves the voter with know facts on which to base their decision and no comfort that whomever they vote for will succeed. the end result is not bothering to vote.

the harder the mayor trumpets her "non solutions" the more discouraged thinking voters become. are we citizens, apathetic, depressed, or angry?

Bob said:

Mayor Taylor plans to cure our HOMELESS problems by giving them homes.

And, reading today's Lorton's World mass-propaganda organ for the local ruling Oligarchy, I see she's also going to fix the future cash flow problems of our influential heavy construction companies by grabbing another $0.04 sales tax for RIVER DEVELOPMENT.

River Development means: MOVING a lot of dirt and pouring a lot of concrete to generate a LOT of invoices to claim a LOT of public tax dollars.

Too bad this Poor-Little-Rich-Girl doesn't fix out city streets which are undrivable in areas, fill our public swimming pools with water, or organize the police and fire dept. for both efficiency and effectiveness (instead of allowing those lazy spongers at the TPD to drive our City police cars to Owasso, Sand Springs, Bixby, Jenks, Sapulpa, Broken Arrow and back and forth to second jobs on our hard-earned Tax Dollars), and similarly using $400K fire engines for EMT runs.

All while our homeless EMSA personnel idle their ambulances 24 hours a day burning railroad tanker cars full of fuel just to stay cool in summer and warm in the winter (When they could be sitting cozily in a Tulsa Fire Station sitting lattes -waiting for an EMT run). But you'll NEVER see an EMSA ambulance at a Tulsa Fire Station because they are COMPETITORS!

Stop the Waste. Return the SANITY.

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Tulsa.

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