Taylor in the Times for anti-gun-rights involvement

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See Dubya tipped me off to this story in the New York Times about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun-rights crusade, and Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor gets a mention for her involvement in Bloomberg's group:

“As a new mayor, I’ve been able to talk to other mayors who have had similar experiences with violent crime,” said Kathy Taylor of Tulsa, Okla., a longtime N.R.A. member who said she does not see a contradiction between her support of gun rights and her work on the gun coalition. She views the coalition as a law enforcement effort to protect her constituents, not as an attempt to diminish the legal right to own a gun.

Ms. Taylor, a Democrat, said she had picked up methods for recognizing and controlling gang activity.

That's nice, but you could get the same thing from, say, the National Conference of Mayors, and it wouldn't require you to join an anti-gun-rights group.

The City Council ought to at least ask her to defend her involvement in this group. Other mayors left the coalition once they discovered that its focus was on changing laws to keep records on legal purchases of guns.

And just how long is her "long-time" NRA membership? Did she join when she decided to become a politician, to immunize herself from criticism on gun rights issues?

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Paul Tay said:

Ambush her at the Neighborhood Fests!

Dan Paden said:

How the dickens is it that a person can be all for keeping records of legal gun purchases and so recalcitrant to check the legal record of a person's immigration status on arrest? It's like the gun is more dangerous than the person...

sbtulsa said:

I don't know whether I was asleep during the lafortune years or taylor is more open about here efforts to straddle issues.

It seems to me that she has a bad habit of tying to stay on both sides of an issue in public and acting differently in practice behind the scenes.

She doesn't see anything contradictory with membership in the NRA and joining an anti gun organization. that only works if you don't intend to follow one or both beliefs in your life.

Is she a liberal, conservative, or a conservable?

Is she democrat, republican, or a republicrat?

Or maybe she's full of bull.

G Webster Wormleigh said:

George Wallace once said something about there being not a dime's worth of difference between a Democrat and a Republican. To me, there's not a dime's worth of difference between Kathy Taylor and our late, unlamented Mother Savage. Neither was qualified to be mayor of anything, but Taylor is far more dangerous to our freedoms than Susan Savage ever was. Mother Savage was only interested in feathering her nest. Taylor is intent on cramming her ideas down our throats.

sbtulsa said:

The problem with Taylor is you don't know what she is doing behind the scenes. She has to be the most invisible mayor in history.

i agree she isn't qualfied. either in terms of private enterpise experience or government experience. she hasn't accomplished anything on her own anywhere.

maybe she can marry arnold schwarzeneggr and we can become part of california.

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