Unearthed car photos

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My photos of this afternoon's unearthing and tonight's unveiling are currently being uploaded to Flickr. You'll find them in the Tulsa's Buried Car photo set. Included are photos of the time capsule contents, which came out in pristine condition.


This web page has photos of the crypt with the amount of water that was found in it when it was first opened.

The official buriedcar.com website has a gallery of photos of the vault and the 1957 burial.

KOTV has video of last night's unveiling.

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Zach said:

Did anyone else notice how John Erling was acting like he was high? He was practically yelling about every little thing. The funniest moment was when he called our great flag "old faithful" instead of Old Glory. WTF? I have always hated that guy, he is so arrogant and out of touch.

sbtulsa said:

ehrling is just an intellectual bump in the bell curve. he was always mediocre, couldn't hack in st. louis years ago. gets credit way out of proportion to his ability.

Didn't he also say that the flag had 46 stars? I thought we had 48 states in '57.

The female announcer also said that the car deserved "Pop & circumstances" as opposed to "Pomp & Circumstance"

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