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Alas, I didn't have a sitter, so I had to miss out on Tuesday night's Absolute Best of Tulsa (ABoT) party at the Petroleum Club. I didn't find out until tonight, when I finally had a chance to pick up a copy of the latest issue, but I won an Urby this year. Urban Tulsa Weekly readers have named me Best Blogger in the 2007 Absolute Best of Tulsa awards. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

For the record, I didn't vote for myself. I voted for Mee.

MORE: Here's a link to a PDF of the 2007 Absolute Best of Tulsa special section.

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RecycleMichael said:

I voted for Meeciteewurkor as well.

I like you both, but you get plenty of accolades and he deserves some more.

Congrats! I voted for you! ;)

Paul Tay said:

Well, ratz. I'm gonna have to try HARDER next year to nab the MOST annoying public person URBY. I'm so out of ideas. Help me out, people.

Paul Tay said:

I voted Batesline. I'm gonna out Mee one of these days at the Sand Springs Warehouse Market.

Dan Paden said:

Mr. Tay, since Linda Soundtrack left the Tulsa scene, we haven't had a person that the whole of the city disliked.

J Thomas said:

I agree with the results. I read your blog everyday. I enjoy Mee also. Maybe they need to give an award to both! Thank you for all you do!

The A team said:

There should be a category for favorite freak. I think it would be a run-off between Paul Tay and Biker Fox.

Mark said:

Richly deserved, Michael. Thanks for staying with it!

Don said:

I couldn't agree more. I wonder, though, if the Tulsa Whirled had been the sponsor, how you would have done?

susan said:

Michael, it would be so fun to post the names all of the Tulsa World employees that read BATESLINE!

I also liked what UTW said "Michael takes the win for BEST TULSA BLOGGER. They also wrote:

UTW's very own writer extraordinaire Michael Bates (www.batesline.com) definitely knows how to call it like he see it...with wit to spare! Love him or hate him, you know you read him!

Paul Uttinger said:

Very well deserved, Michael. Thank you for the high quality and variety of BatesLine.

Paul Tay said:

Yes, Mr. Paden, I SHOT Linda Soundtrack in the back.

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