PGA cleanup, the river tax, and other Tulsa blog spottings

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Michelle sees something amiss with all the getting ready for company in advance of the PGA:

Okay, let me get this straight - we don't have the money to fix our streets or hire enough police officers, but we have the money to take police away from their main job (fighting crime) to direct traffic around Southern Hills for the PGA? Does anyone else believe that our mayor is all image and no substance? We want to look good for Tiger, Phil and their crowd, but who cares about the people that live here day in and day out? I guess we don't matter.

Steve Roemerman has posted some photos that his great-grandmother sent to his grandfather while he was in the South Pacific as a Seabee during WW II. They're pictures of Roemerman Feed & Implement in Blakesburg, Iowa. He also has photos of the remodeling of old Eastland Mall.

Mad Okie's front end is out of whack:

and I can't afford to fix it because of all the taxes I'm having to pay... but at least we have water in the river!

That's the reality of the situation. our "leaders" have thrown so much money around trying to find a "quick fix" that they have neglected the basic needs of the city. Roads and Cops. So what is their plan? Throw money into the river... literally.

Will Tulsa approve of it? Probably, for some reason we have either given up, or we have bought their lies... hook, line and sinker.

The truth is we have already approved a tax for the river in Vision 2025. If we don't hold them to what we voted for, then they will be emboldened to do whatever they please with the money we entrust to them.

Jeff Shaw has his own take on the new "I Am... Tulsa" ad campaign. And he's set up a website for his portrait photography business.

Roemerman and meeciteewurkor have been having fun with Photoshop and Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor, but the first photo in this entry is no fake -- there really was a FSBO sign on the reception desk at the Mayor's office. Mee has Kathy as Borg queen with her new Borg cube City Hall, and the Mayor keeping the Council in line.

Tulsa Chiggers is hosting a Blog Reader Survey for his readers.

(The BatesLine blog reader survey is still open for a few more days too. I'll be giving away at least two $10 Amazon gift certificates selected at random from those who have participated. Thanks to all who have done so already.)

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Paul Tay said:

Hey, Michelle, GIT A CLUE. Voters are STOOPID. We aren't elected because of something as silly as SUBSTANCE.

sbtulsa said:

first, all the crap with the arena, river, downtown in general is under the label "economic development". its a pitiful pot of ideas. we are trying to attract transient visitors to Tulsa to boost the economy.

Once here, they will see the streets, maybe be robbed or assaulted but surely see the news of crimes, and see the closed pools and poorly lit streets. Once seeing those things, they will not come back or relocate here.

If we want economic development, the cops, the streets, the lights, the mowing, all of it, must be taken care of. once that's accomplished, those solutions in themselves will attract people and prevent Tulsans from leaving the city.

How stupid do you have to be to miss that?

If the river is developed the way the artsy craftsy crowd does it, who the hell mows the grass?

Twatch said:

Let's take a lesson from the Amnesty showdown with the tone deaf Senate. The people finally
put their foot down in spite of being told on infinitum that the best deal was on the table and now was our best and last opportunity to fix the Law. The people finally not only said no once but said **** No the second time. Now we see a bill in Congress that will seal the border if it passes. (They knew what to do all along). Please have the conviction to say no to the Kaiser proposal and the tone deaf Tulsa Elite and make them come back with what we will agree to.

sbtulsa said:

I'd like to ask a quesiton that mr. bates can surely answer.

It has been said that there are certain areas of the river that the elite don;t want developed because it will compete with the east village "dream". Particularly the river between 11th and 21st streets. why be afraid of comptetition. if this process we are going through is truly economic development, both should do-exist because both are postives for Tulsa. one is on the wat side of downtown, the river west of downtown.

if anything, the river development between 11th and 21st expands downtown in to new land areas, if it is connected properly via infrastructure and shuttle transit. who is afraid of competition? maybe the small minded people that are driving the tax frenzy we are now in so that they can be bailed out of there land deals?

any comments? am I off base?

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